Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Low-Buy Guidelines

I've been on a low-buy for about 3 years... That's when my stash got to a "considerable" size mostly with the help of beauty boxes which I had SO MUCH FUN with. I tried most of the ones that were available in summer 2012 and was subbed to them for about 6 months... from Glym, Glossybox, Julep, Natural Beauty Box, Topbox, Ipsy... I had a relapse on Ipsy once or twice and I've purchased one or two Julep boxes since then too...! I definitely recommend trying a couple of these if you don't have very much makeup and want a variety of products you probably (as a person who doesn't have a lot of makeup) wouldn't buy yourself, for a very very decent price!

Anyway, I feel a bit makeup crazy these days... I need to make sure that I can control myself and make the best purchases possible so here are my Low-Buy Rules:

Rule 1:

No impulse buying! I will only buy a product that I know performs well (from reviews), that I really want (things that have been on my wishlist for a while) and that fits into my stash (do I "need" it?)

Rule 2: 

Must set a budget per "shopping period". I've had 90$ summer budget, a 120$ winter/holiday budget, that type of thing. Some seasons are not tempting, so there is no budget set on those and I simply don't buy!

Rule 3: 

These are guidelines for what I *should* buy with my allowed budget, but not strict. To follow the spirit of my low-buy which is to fill the holes in my stash, I am thinking of getting:

  • Finishing powder
  • Foundation
  • white drops (MUFE) or white foundation (Illamasqua) for making foundation lighter
  • a custom eye shadow palette
  • eyeliner colours I don't own

Paula's Choice Skincare


Realizing I needed a completely different skincare regimen, I started searching for what a face like mine could need. Watching the "skincare" videos of my favourite youtubers, asking in some Facebook groups, asking friends.

My skin type  is acne-prone (hormonal breakouts around my jawline and mouth area), combination (dry patch on my chin, gets oily in the t-zone), uneven skintone (redness, some texture) and sensitive skin. It felt a bit overwhelming to try to properly address all of these concerns!!

I saw the ProActiv commercial with the free brush and was very tempted  but then from a bit of research I concluded that it was likely too harsh for my skin, and not a skincare routine to follow long term.

A helpful commentor to my question on Facebook gave me some good suggestions and info, and I decided from there to start using an acne spot treatment and an acne-fighting toner.

A Mary Kay lady contacted me and I decided to buy the acne spot treatment from her, something to use a couple times a day on actual breakouts. It's the Clearproof acne treatment gel 5% benzoyl peroxide and I like the texture and smell and I feel it made a difference in how fast the breakouts faded from using this product.

For toner I started alternating between a very soft and mild toner, not for acne (Simple Soothing Facial toner) and something in the acne-fighting category (Biore blemish fighting astringent) and I feel comfortable with this combination.

Now onto the PAULA'S CHOICE products

Since late September (full 2 months of use), I've been using the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA gel exfoliant and it has done wonders! I really do feel my skin being way less acne-prone, softer, and smoother. Pores seem slightly reduced, texture slightly improved.

The product has a gooey texture, goes on watery and a little goes a long way. It can be applied once or twice a day. I mostly apply it at night but the feel of the product is not unpleasant for using in the daytime as well.

The second product I purchased is a daytime moisturizer with SPF. I got the Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30. It is definitely light, sinking into the skin quickly and giving a smooth finish. It's ideal for oily skin and will not be enough for dry skin. The cream is tinted in a a way that evens out skintone even if it's not something I'd consider makeup. Since I started using both products, I've been feeling more confident with my skin's appearance and my makeupless face.

I plan on re-purchasing both of these when I'm out, and adding a nighttime moisturizer and serum by Paula's Choice to my routine. Seriously, my limited experience with their products has left me impressed.

And a note about the Customer service, it's incredible! They helped me pick what was best for me when I called in originally, and when there was a mistake with a product I  purchased being back-ordered, they refunded me, and compensated me for the problem in a super-quick delay.