Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sticky9 review

I ordered from Sticky9, a website formerly known as Stickgram that specializes in making digital images come to life on "real life stuff" with their main product being square magnets (3x3). These magnets are supposed to be your choice of Instragram photos, easily printed and shipped to you. You can chose any other non-Instagram pictures and cut them to square shape easily on their website.

 November 27th (Thursday) and I received it December 2nd (3 business days later). I am VERY PLEASED with this service! WOW.

They arrived safely and looked pretty good. They are not glossy pictures, they are a matte finish, which makes them look lower quality and this is the part I liked the least. I imagine that for instagram pictures that have been filtered with older-looking styles, it would look good this way, but for my pictures it was not the case.

I purchased 2 sets of 9 magnets on special from them so for the price I paid, I'm really happy. I might go elsewhere if I decide to want custom magnets in the future just because of being a bit disappointed with the matte aspect of these photos.


GREAT and fast shipment
EASY to use website
FAIR price

matte pictures

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