Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

I had such a nice Halloween! Made myself up as a sad mime during my day at work and went out trick or treating with the kids in a different neighbourhood than usual. It was great, so many kids, it reminded me of my neighbourhood when I was a kid! A neighbourhood that is now completely void of any children, since the kids are now in their 20's and the parents that still live there are enterring elderly status lol

Here's my sad mime:
I was supposed to do a co-worker's makeup too, so I practiced it on myself the night before and overall liked the way it turned out. It would've been better and improved on her if I did it, but she ended up doing her own makeup (which looked very cool in the end too):

My daughter was a princess vampire like last year and my son was a firefighter. I even did some makeup on my husband - a huge scar on his face. He put on a lab coat with fake blood on it and looked pretty intimidating!! It was his first time putting on a costume for Halloween. He normally comes with us dressed in his normal clothes.

Me and my daughter followed up trick or treating with a haunted house with the mother in law (think a 65 year old woman in hijab) and she got really scared! It was quite something. She was a really good sport, coming with us when it's not something she's used to doing or celebrating at all, being an Egyptian Muslim.

Then after all that, me and my husband went to a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! We saw alllll sorts of things. Again, picture the Egyptian Muslim man seeing men dressed in drag, women dressed in lingerie, seeing tits and asses (male and female), women dressed as men, drunk people all over the place, etc. It was, again, quite something! :D I really took these Muslims out of their comfort zones this Halloween hehe

How was eveyone's Halloween??

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