Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to do?!

What should I do about makeup that I have and is near-new but that I have tried (either swatching or using it a few times) but that I don't want anymore?! I would feel way too badly to throw it out. It's not only money wasted in that case, but also product that is perfectly fine and decent, but that I happen to have a better replacement for in my collection. 

Last time I did a clean I gave the makeup to my mom but really, she hardly wears makeup so she's not using it. It would be better off thrown out than resting in her cabinet for nothing while she waits for it to be bad to throw it out!

I'm going to have to see if people in the internet community might be interested in sanitized swatched products and family and friends for ones that I tried on maybe, but my friends and family are not really into makeup. 

What have you guys done with your swatched/lightly used products?

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