Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Figuring Out my Eyebrows", from my Jan 2013 beauty resolutions!!

A year and a half later, I think I've made some progress!! I recently got my eyebrows threaded in Egypt and really enjoyed what she did with them. Not at all drastic, but trimmed the hair, adjusted the shape a little bit and cleaned up the whole area from strays. Since then, I've been lightly filling them in with the brown side of the Julep double-sided kajal pencil.

Here's the result vs. a picture from a year ago:

I think I'm also  better in makeup (!) and my (new) glasses aren't irritating the bridge of my nose anymore, woohoo
I'm not 100% sure about the shape of the eyebrows, they're still uneven - don't quite have the same arch as each other. But the shaping and filling them in lightly at the right spots has seriously made a big difference.. for the better I believe! 



  1. They look great! Don't worry about getting them entirely even -- as they say, "brows are sisters, not twins." ;)

  2. Thanks you guys! beauty infinitum, that's an awesome saying!!!