Friday, November 1, 2013

Plan Towards Veganism

I'm not vegan but I'd say I'm aware and this is my Step 1 towards veganism. I'm aware of the horrific treatment of animals, the environmental impact, the health problems it causes us. I want to make the next step.

I guess I'm a bit past Step 1, I'm like at Step 1.2... About 2 years ago I cut my family's meat consumption in half (approximately) and started adding more vegetables to the plates and started having vegetarian or fish meals more often.

I'm trying to build myself a PLAN and here are my ideas so far on how I imagine this journey. I would really appreciate any tips from you guys on vegan eating AND on cruelty-free products while we're on such a related subject. 

1) Stop drinking cow milk, introduction to a bigger variety of alternatives.

2) Stop eating eggs, introducing eggless-egglike breakfast options.

3) Change snack habits to reduce sugar intake and keep a more balanced, less "cravey" self. 

4) Change over to "organic" meat, poultry and fish and sustainable wild fish. (This will no doubt reduce consumption further - it will be important to add more protein alternatives at this point)

5) After a good base of vegetarian and vegan meals have been tested and tried out, make the switch for a set number of days per week that is bigger than what I've been doing up until then... Gradually add more of these.

6) Tackle things like ice cream, cheese, yogurt (in the dairy section) and cakes, mayonnaise, etc (in the eggs section). 

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  1. my hubby's a big meat eater, but we've been slowly (and reluctantly on his part) cutting back on the amount of meat we eat at home. i am also thinking of going cruelty free with beauty products in the near future. i think it's great to have a plan and i would love to read updates on your progress... good luck with your journey!!