Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fitness Post: Training for my First 5K

I talked about running in THIS POST back in March. I didn't run very much between March and July, but I started a running course recently so August has been more productive and IT FEELS GREAT.

My goal was (and still is) to run the 5K event happening here at the beginning of September and I'm officially signed up, there's no going back! I'm really stoked about pushing myself to the limits during the 5K event to see what I can achieve. It's on September 8th so only 11 days away!

I haven't been as dedicated as I wanted... Life gets in the way and I haven't yet gotten things organized enough to be able to go out 3+ times a week. So far I've averaged 2 runs a week since the beginning of August, so maybe 8 work-outs total. I'm going to try my best to go out and run every 2 days until the event though to maximize my shape with the short time I have left. I'm just a beginner so every little workout shows improvement.

Running Club Course

I have to talk about the running club courses I'm taking. IT'S SO GREAT to have direction when working out, like a personal trainer in a group situation, though in this case it's a coach for running exercises. It's also awesome to run with others which is something that surprised me. It's a really nice group of intermediate level runners. Generally we can all run 30 mins straight and have some drive and desire to improve our fitness levels.

The course I'm doing it once a week with 2 homeworks to do before next meeting and it has been a great preparation and motivation for the 5K event in 11 days.

I would encourage you guys to try this type of activity, in a group if you can find one! To think how far running a 5K seemed in March when I had never run. How attainable it seems now, to the point that I not only want to finish but I want to get a decent time. It feels like an accomplishment, and I know that I'm fitter than I was at the beginning of it. It's really worth it you guys! GET OUT THERE' PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST!