Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rest in Peace, sweet angel Talia

Talia, the talented and outgoing 13-year old beauty enthusiast/ makeup artist passed away yesterday (July 16, 2013) after a long battle with cancer.

It's such sad news that she is no longer with us... The world has lost a very special and inspiring little girl. She was a gift to us while she was alive and her memory and influence will live on.

I watched her videos on youtube for the first time yesterday after only knowing of her vaguely because of Ellen Degeneres and her Cover Girl status and the first video I watched (20$ makeup challenge) made me laugh so much I cried. I'm only getting to know her now after her death and I'm touched by her courage and positive attitude. I'm touched by her beautiful spirit.

Rest in peace Talia

Let's all have a good thought/prayer for Talia and her family.

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  1. She was so talented and loved. May she rest in peace.