Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've been with Julep for quite a while - they were my very first sub! I'm still officially subbed, though I've skipped at least the past 6 boxes just because I don't wear nail polish as often as I would want and simply don't need extras. The 20$/month, at the moment, is better spent elsewhere.

STILL, I just LOVE them. I like most of their polishes and have enjoyed the vast majority of their non-polish products from lip balm to foot cream to body butter to most recently, DRY SHAMPOO!!

I tried one other type of dry shampoo and it was just awful (tresemme) but this one - wow! Worked amazingly on my flat-lifeless hair. On day-after-real-shampoo hair, I used this and it added a whole lot of life into my hair. I was impressed.

Then yesterday morning I went to use it and BLAH, can didn't want to spray anything and was making a weird nose. I ended up with liquid in my hair when I managed to get something out of the bottle... It still has product but it kinda died on me. So that really sucked because of how much I wanted to use this product!!

I contacted Julep and they were amazingly nice with me on the phone and offered to re-ship the defective product. I'm so happy with them. I tell you, I've only ever had great-to-amazing service and overall experience with them in the past year+ I've been ordering.

Thank you Julep

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  1. I ended up cancelling my subscription with Julep shortly after starting it awhile ago. I love the idea about monthly nail polish and getting to try new colors but I realized that i would never get to finish them all so I stopped it.

    I love great customer service and happy you got some