Friday, July 26, 2013

IT Cosmetics on The Shopping Channel tomorrow 24h

I just saw on a blog that tomorrow IT Cosmetics will be "Today's Showstopper" tomorrow, Saturday July 27th on The Shopping Channel with this set here also sold on QVC:

It can be found on QVC right now here for 66$+ shipping and handling, though they don't ship to Canada at all:$uslarge$

I'm not really familiar with these events so I don't know how much of a savings this will be and I have no idea about Canadian shipping costs, etc. but it does seem like a great set. I definitely want to get my hands on this if the deal is right!!! I don't actually have a concealer except the Yaby sample from Ipsy, and no highlighter I actually like, and no brow pencil. I have a makeup brush kit but I'm not sure they include ones for these uses. I'm realizing that my brush kit is lacking lately. Only the lip product technically falls outside of my low-buy rules but it comes with! lol

Anyone have any extra info about this and are you interested in getting it? Any experience with IT Cosmetics?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've been with Julep for quite a while - they were my very first sub! I'm still officially subbed, though I've skipped at least the past 6 boxes just because I don't wear nail polish as often as I would want and simply don't need extras. The 20$/month, at the moment, is better spent elsewhere.

STILL, I just LOVE them. I like most of their polishes and have enjoyed the vast majority of their non-polish products from lip balm to foot cream to body butter to most recently, DRY SHAMPOO!!

I tried one other type of dry shampoo and it was just awful (tresemme) but this one - wow! Worked amazingly on my flat-lifeless hair. On day-after-real-shampoo hair, I used this and it added a whole lot of life into my hair. I was impressed.

Then yesterday morning I went to use it and BLAH, can didn't want to spray anything and was making a weird nose. I ended up with liquid in my hair when I managed to get something out of the bottle... It still has product but it kinda died on me. So that really sucked because of how much I wanted to use this product!!

I contacted Julep and they were amazingly nice with me on the phone and offered to re-ship the defective product. I'm so happy with them. I tell you, I've only ever had great-to-amazing service and overall experience with them in the past year+ I've been ordering.

Thank you Julep

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rest in Peace, sweet angel Talia

Talia, the talented and outgoing 13-year old beauty enthusiast/ makeup artist passed away yesterday (July 16, 2013) after a long battle with cancer.

It's such sad news that she is no longer with us... The world has lost a very special and inspiring little girl. She was a gift to us while she was alive and her memory and influence will live on.

I watched her videos on youtube for the first time yesterday after only knowing of her vaguely because of Ellen Degeneres and her Cover Girl status and the first video I watched (20$ makeup challenge) made me laugh so much I cried. I'm only getting to know her now after her death and I'm touched by her courage and positive attitude. I'm touched by her beautiful spirit.

Rest in peace Talia

Let's all have a good thought/prayer for Talia and her family.