Thursday, June 20, 2013

More WANTS - I'm on a role

Other things I've been looking into and want to get are:

Benefit's "Getting Cheeky"
3-tints in Posietint, Sun Beam and Cha Cha

Beauty Blender
I enjoyed my Avon beauty sponge but have been using my fingers since it "died" a few months back. I really prefer an applicator and I think the Beauty Blender would be worth the extra expense... 

Tweezerman Tweezers
Mine are OK, nothing more. These sound like they're amazing. 

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil
I tried a sample of this stuff and it smells amazing and is so soft and gentle. LOVED IT

Dior Nude Tan Paradise
I saw a review of this and it looks really really gorgeous and I've been wanting a Dior product forever! I also still want the Diorskin Shimmer Star in either shade too... 

Who tried some of these products and what did you think? I'm sure the vast majority have tried at least one, please comment! :)

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