Friday, June 21, 2013

Ipsy June 2013

I signed back up with Ipsy last month when I saw some spoilers about Pacifica products, a Zoya nail polish and the other possible products which I was mostly all interested in for May. I really did like that month's bag but I still went to unsub on May 24th, a couple days after I got the bag because I had intended to only go for that one bag and wanted to respect my own plan.

HOWEVER, Ipsy still charged me and sent me a bag for June in some sort of mix-up. Instead of cancelling, they changed my delivery address back to the one I had the first time I subbed. It's as though they reactivated my old sub instead of cancelling this one.

After a bit of back and forth with Ipsy's customer service, we came to a solution. I have to say, they have AMAZING customer service and in every message sent, the response was professional, thought-out and customized. It's obvious that someone read my message FOR REAL and answered my concerns and not just skimmed through for key words while ignoring what I was saying like I've had happen in the past (cough Glossybox cough). I'm very pleased with them and recommend them even more than I did before, and will re-sub in a heartbeat if I see a product I want in a future bag.

Since I have the June bag even if I didn't actually order it, let's see what I got:

1. NYX cream blush in bronze goddess

This blush is very brown and that worried me quite a lot! Turns out I had nothing to worry about since it goes on sheer and blends out well. It ends up adding a touch of *something* on my cheeks without looking all brown, or can be used for some light contouring. I actually like this product, though I feel I get a better and more natural glow with coloured blush.

2. Chella Ivory Lace highlighting pencil

This product is a WINNER for me. I love how it adds a little pop to my eyes when used at the inner corners without needing to have a full makeup look. It's the perfect shade for me and it's just creamy and nice. I'm so happy about discovering this product that I would probably not have been that mad if Ipsy just told me to suck it up after this month's mistake. lol

3. Starlooks lip crayon in bare

I was very excited to see a Starlooks product in here since I've never tried anything from them, but the colour is not at all something I want to wear on my lips. The pencil is full size and longer than what this appears to be in the picture.

4. JCats lashes
*no pic*
I never tried any lashes so I guess this will give me an excuse to try.

5. Jcats glitter palette
I didn't get two and the one I have is neither of these shades but it's for demonstration purposes only.
Supposedly you shouldn't use this palette for the eyes, which basically means it's body glitter... I'm not a fan for myself but I'll keep it for my daughter, to add a little sparkle to temporary tattoos or face paintings and Halloween or something. Not a very exciting product since it's not very usable.

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