Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I LOVE tattoos. I don't have any yet because I was too indecisive and cautious as a teen and then since I met my husband at 19, I've been busy with life. When you have a hard time making an appointment and going for a haircut, you're not thinking about a tattoo session. And, another important factor is that my husband hates tattoos to the point of telling me he would never forgive me if I got one. That puts a bit of a stick in the wheels.

I'm trying to discover myself lately and tattoos are something that I want and that won't change so it will have to be the problem that it is when the time comes, there's only so much denying of oneself that we can do for others... That's what I'm learning.

Here are some that I like:
*No image is mine!!!


I love the frame and the roses. The bug is also super well-done but not my style.
The part that I love are the peacock feathers as part of the mandala

I love the embellished circle, the flowers, the placement... Not into the Buddhist prayer beads personally, I find it makes it look a little messy but the significance is awesome for her.

I don't love the execution on this, but the placement and the feather, I love.

John Mayer!!! What more can I say? He represents the transition from high school to college to motherhood for me. AND he has great tats! I love his sense of aesthetics... the rectangles, the waves, the flowers...

I ove the simplicity of this

I love birds, I think the placement is really nice and with her shoes, great photo!

Birds going free, nice symbol and beautiful too
The one on the right, I likeh the snowflake look, but it also has stars and what looks like suns... I like.


  1. Wow another aspect of Candice I didn't know. Cool:) I am too scared to get one, thought about it, met with the tattoo artist, perusing through catalogues/portfolios but in the end I am just too chicken to get one. My brother and sister-in-law both have full sleeves. My brothers looks great but my sister-in-laws not so much.

    1. You really got close to having one! The best thing is to follow what you feel you want so it was definitely the right choice for you at that time to leave the shop.

      Women with sleeves.. it can be hard to pull off... I find when a woman has too much stuff going on, very compacted tattoos, it can look horrible, but on a man it doesn't look great but it looks manly and therefore it still looks good. lol

  2. I have two tattoos myself and each took years of planning before I committed. They are totally addictive though and everytime I got one, the adrenaline makes you want more! Not to mention how relaxing it feels to get one ;-)

    My mother got two full sleeves when she turned 50 and left my dad...she added the thighs a few years later...can you imagine this little Asian woman covered in tatts?? My dad was SO ANGRY when he found out that I had one (he still thinks I have one!) and beyond mortified when he saw my mom's sleeves. He had already remarried at that point and was so traumatized by it!

  3. Beautifal finds you found.I have tattoos myself, love them once you get them you don't want to stop. Tattoos are a refection of one's life & story of that time.
    A history of tattoos