Wednesday, May 22, 2013


On Monday, I made an impulse purchase of Smashbox eyeshadow palette and yesterday I got my Ipsy bag and it gave me a bit of motivation to go through my makeup and re-discover it all after not really wearing any for a little while except my Skinfood BB cream and Benefit benetint.

I started swatching to see which shades in my MUA palette and Back to Basics Quo palette were similar to my new Smashbox and from there I started swatching all sorts of eyeshadows that I haven't used in forever and realized that i have many that I don't plan on using. And the swatches basically made the decision for me. Here's what I kept:

Here's what's going (+ a bit more), some that I'll offer my mom, some that is just trash:

This continued with my lip products as well with probably 5 leaving my stash. For my skin makeup, a broken MUA bronzer had to go to the trash, it was making too much of a mess but I kept the rest. Here are my quickly-done swatches of blush, bronzor and highlighting products. i thought i had kore variety there.

All in all, a nice cleanup/purge, a nice rediscovery of my products, a lot of fun!

shadow swatches

lipstick swatches

bad blush swatches

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