Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Impulse-buy - Smashbox palette

Already in my stash, my MUA primer and Mirabella primer PLUS
my NEW Smashbox palette!

I went to Winners with no intention to buy any make-up... Isn't that typical? I ended up seeing a Smashbox palette for 15$ and I've never tried any of their products so I went for it. I found out its from the fall 2009 collection so it's far from a current collection but it is what it is! I'm trying out Smashbox so I'm satisfied with this for now, though it was a disappointment to find out it's so old.  

It's a 6-shadow palette called Monarch from the Reign collection. It has the more matte (less shimmery) colour in the middle with the more shimmery one around the outside. These colours are exactly the type of colours I would wear normally. I like the packaging on it overall except that the having one colour on the outside and one on the inside isn't exactly practical.

Monarch palette by Smashbox from the Reign collection, with my Pinkie Pie sticker from my iPad showing in the mirror ;)

I swatched the eyeshadows twice, once with my Mirabella primer (from my Ipsy bag) on the left and once with my MUA primer on the right. You can see the difference between the performance of both of these primers (Note my first swatch is a bit off, I think I had some leftover of a darker colour on the brush). The MUA one which is made only for eyeshadows unlike the Mirabella one, helped the colours adhere and pop a whole lot better. I don't exactly have much experience with primers overall, but upon application, the MUA primer is better. I have no idea how it performs compared to other eye shadow primers... Like Urban Decay which is a lot more expensive than this one but is a go-to primer for a lot of people and I imagine performs extremely well. These swatches were with a brush I have which really doesn't swatch as pigmented as just using my fingers...

I'm pretty happy with my purchase! These colours are right up my alley :)

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