Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliqués - stickers and stones REVIEW

I was at Walmart the other day and after passing by the Essie nail sticker display multiple times, I decided to try a set. Afterall, it was to have nice nails for my daughter's birthday party. Any reason is a good reason to try a new product!

What are they, what do they come with?

This product by Essie is basically a sticker for your nails. It is not a nail polish strip like other brands, where the product after applied is more like nail polish on your nails and must be removed as nail polish. It's really a sticker. The product comes in a sleek white envelope that has the design showing through and it includes 18 stickers of various sizes, a cuticle stick and nail file.

Application and ease of use

The instructions recommend pushing back cuticles and wiping down the nail. You then pick the appliqué that fits your nail size the best, stick it on and file the end off.

Sounds easy, but I had bit of a hard time. First hand I put them all upside down (with the squarer part at my cuticle and rounder part being filed off) so the fit was just not good since my cuticle area is round. My mistake! Application on the next hand went more smoothly and the stickers fit better. I found that the edges I was filing off looked a bit jagged and I wasn't able to get a look of perfection with them but I think that was noticible only to me.

I had a few of the bigger nails left and I will try cutting them to try on my daughter. Hopefully that works out, and if I'm able to make a manicure for her with the leftovers of my stickers it'll be that much more worth it.


I never manage to have nail polish looking good more than 24h and these stickers looked good for more than 24h, but there was wear on them pretty fast and I removed them after 4 days. With better application, I think I'd be able to keep them an extra couple days but I can't imagine having them on more than a week.

Removing these was easy, they just peeled right off and a bit of sticker-glue left on the nail was easily scratched off and probably could be wiped off easily with a wipe or something too. I loved being able to remove them without any product.

Overall experience

The first thing that I have not mentionned anywhere yet is: MY GOD THESE STICKERS ARE GORGEOUS! For that reason alone, I want to repurchase. For the price of around 10$ and based on my experience I wouldn't go out and get them regularly but for a special occasion, these are just too beautiful to not be my top choice at this point. I will definitely prefer to purchase these than to get a professional manicure. Next time I am at Walmart, I'm getting Oh My Gold to wear at my co-worker's wedding in June.

Recommend: Yes, I do. But they are not perfection...

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  1. Great post! I got a sample of these in my magazine but I couldn't file it off like the instructions said. Glad you liked them though!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)