Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seasons Box March Edition

I got a nice surprise yesterday when FedEx came with this month's Seasons Box! The package is always so adorable, like a real gift for ME :P

Here's what was in the box:

1. Incense cones. They smell nice and I like the packaging on this. I learned that half a cone at a time is sufficient for a smell-sensitive person like me.

2. Octavia Tea Company, green tea. This is loose tea so I need to find the thinger to make it with. I'll buy some mint because I love the Moroccan style green tea with a lot of mint in it :)

 3. Soap. Irish style soap, spearmint and peppermint. I'm looking forward to trying this in the bath! I don't use bars of soap really but I like the idea and I'll see how it goes.

4. An umbrella! This is an eco-friendly umbrella made with recyclable, recycled and renewable materials.

Here's a shot of my box!


  1. oooh you got a different scent of incense! i really like the green tea.. i'm actually drinking it now. that's a great idea to pt some mint in it. :)

  2. What incense did you get? Ocean? I am loving my teas and I think I am like you with the smell of incense. I actually moved it to another room after awhile because i found it strong

  3. I love that leave on the incense package. What's it made of?

  4. The soap is pretty darn good!

  5. hi candice hope u r good.I have nominated u for an award and tagged you in the post 11 things about me.Do participate and claim your award.It will be fun <3