Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Topbox January 2013 - Clinique Privé Box

This month, Topbox offered a box containing all samples from the same company, to give a glimpse of offers they will be having in the future. Everybody got what they call a "Privé box" and the brand was Clinique. My two biggest "suspects" for this month's box were Lancome and Clinique... I just imagined something that had a counter at Sears lol

I'm really happy with the box even though the excitement was bigger before finding out it was Clinique and finding out what was inside it. It's not very exciting for me, but it's useful stuff that I'm happy to try and that so far I like a lot.

I got:

  • clarifying lotion 2 (60ml)
    • This product is an exfoliant and I've been using it once per day for a few days with good results. I would like to say I'd repurchase, but it has alcohol and just for the ingredient I'm hesitant. As far as the product itself and the way it works, I would repurchase... 
  • dark spot corrector (7ml)
    • The sample is enough to get us used to the texture and application but not enough for any actual results. I have freckles but I don't think I have actual dark spots, though I see the makeup counter ladies suggesting this type of product for me... Anyway, I'm glad to try this product, it feels nice so I'd consider giving it a try when I'm "there" (wanting to try dark spot treatment long term)
  • rinse-off eye makeup solvent
    • always useful, seems pretty gentle
  • eyeshadow duo mini
    • OMG this is so cute and sleek. I love the packaging. I haven't actually tried the shadows but they don't seem very pigmented. It's for a sheer, natural type of look as far as I can tell from lightly swatching with my fingers. 

Basically, Topbox redeemed itself with this box. After a box of crap last month filled with products not suited for me, they gave me exactly what I needed. Clarifying lotion 2 is the right one, the dark spot corrector is the right one and the colour I got for the eye shadows too! 

I'm really looking forward to next month and possibly getting a Benefit box.

I know a lot of bloggers feel like Topbox has gone downhill in the past months, especially since they took a huge batch of people off the waitlist (me included) but I actually had 2 boxes I really enjoyed a lot before getting the crappy one last month so at the moment I'm feeling good about them right now. 


  1. I liked this month's box too. I'm ok with Topbox at the moment, and I'm excited for next month's box!

  2. wow.Some great goodies u got this month.I can never decide about clinique...About how good it is.I have a cleanser by clinique and it makes my skin clean but oily.I think clinique products are mostly for dry skin except for a few products designed for oilies.