Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box (TNBB) "December" 2013 box (January box, really)

Before I get into the box contents, I want to just make it clear that I would never recommend this company to anyone at all! They are liars, have big fat zero customer service professionalism and quality and just get no respect from me whatsoever.

From what I already wrote about to recently threatening legal action against anyone who writes something negative, putting up the full names of two people who had posted something about them on their wall (quack watch report on the infamous Dr. Emerald), posting and posting and posting on their own wall to bring down anything else that was on the timeline - marterial that they made seem like their own research that was PLAGARIZED...

If that's not enough to convince you, I heard that they raised their prices by 50%, to 30$.

Onto the contents:

There were some interesting things in the box and I have to say, it smelled really good! I plan on trying almost all of the 11 items in the box. It went from creams to soaps to scrubs with the bonus natural mascara they included.

We have:

  • A tiny gingerbread soap, cute
  • A body lotion candle, I don't think I "get" the concept
  • A shower gel, but it's very liquidy and doesn't lather well
  • A facial polish
  • A cooling facial cream, I tried on my hand and it smelled lightly of cucumber and it was cooling
  • Natural mascara
  • Facial gellee
  • Body scrub, smells really great
  • Goldenberries anti-aging stick (lipbalm-looking thing), it smells and feels pretty much the same as the cream by the same name. Pretty greasy...
  • I Love Coffee hand cream, I like this
  • I Love Coffee square of soap or something like that...

Overall - drama excluded

If I don't take into consideration "the situation" with TNBB, this is a box I would be OK about paying 20$ for but I wouldn't re-subscribe. Before all the drama, I posted about November's box and I was not impressed... This one is much better but nothing too amazing for me personally. I wouldn't repurchase any of the things I tried and the full size prices for these products are outrageous even if I was interested... So even ruling out the problems I have with their integrity and customer service, I still wouldn't recommend this.


  1. I liked my December Box, but I agree that everything about TNBB is too shady for me to continue with them.