Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box - MAJOR RANT

I don't shy away from ranting about beauty boxes. I've done it about Luxe box and Glossybox in the past. Here's another one. The WORST YET.

Here's a quickly written summary:

1) In October, many customers did not get their box. They were told there was a glitch with Paypal notification. Basically, that they had not been made aware of a lot of customers' payments. It felt iffy, but they offered an extra free box to make up for it.

2) The real stuff starts. They were supposed to get the December boxes out in time for us to get them by Christmas. On Christmas DAY, they send a message saying they are sorry for the delays, they HAD problems receiving samples, made it seem like they were shipping. FF a week, they were still making excuses about delays for the holidays, the samples, and a word that stuck out at me "manufacturing", they were not at all ready to ship when they told us they were (on the 25th).

3) In the meantime, customers' FB messages are being deleted left and right, it's total censorship on their page. Only the good stuff appears.

4) FF to the past few days and things have gotten WEIRD. SO FREAKIN WEIRD. Posts by TNBB start being signed by Dr. thisnthat (Mila Emerald). Turns out this is the mom of the two girls who are the face of TNBB... She posts something full of errors that says that she thanks us all for being such frightful customers. Then it's corrected as "dedicated". How can the word dedicated become frightful?! Autocorrect is not *that* crazy.

5) This is where the really really bad stuff starts to be discovered. One evening, I decide to use a face cream I got in my November box for the first time and notice that it's called Goldenberries Dr. M Emerald organic face cream (or something like that). So here we were with one product from the past box that was made by them. See point 2 where the weird word "manufacturing" came out by them in a reply. They have definitely been adding their own stuff in the box.

6) That very same evening, on the FB group, someone mentions Delizioso, which is the 2 girls' company. I go back to my post of TNBB and to the bathroom where I kept those products. TWO of the products were by Delizioso.

7) I decide to look into the other products I got in that box and two of them are by Fruition. Looking into Fruition, I get a site for L'Naturelle that is out of order at the moment, not unlike TNBB site has been recently. I look into the partner companies on their website and find that so many of them have websites that are out of order. Very suspicious if you ask me.

8) Meanwhile, a person on the FB group has found L'Naturelle FB page listing the companies it deals with and it's all of those out of order website companies that can only be found through there and through TNBB

So basically....

I can't know for sure, but there is a whole lot of evidence to point towards the majority of the businesses that TNBB partners with being they themselves. They seem to have made a sample box filled with their own products, passing it off to the unsuspecting, natural -product-loving customers as a sample box with a variety of products from a variety of different businesses.

This is fraud.


  1. That's horrible! It's great to see posts like these , that way I'll never have to make the mistake in investing in companies with so little integrity.
    xx fun size beauty

  2. Oh, no. I'm sorry you are having a terrible experience with TNBB.
    I did read in an article a little while ago that the samples would be from a lot of their own companies. Which is fine. Lots of boxes, like Julep and StarLooks do the same thing. They should have disclosed that at the launch and let potential customers decide to subscribe or not.

    1. I don't mind a sub with its own products like Starlooks and Julep but I more-than-mind not knowing about it. I'm glad to hear the information was "out there" even if it was not explicitly disclosed. At least it makes it seem a little less as though they're hiding this secret to scam us, but they are definitely not opening up about this on FB despite comments about it.

  3. this is exquisite news!!
    and by exquisite, i mean ridiculously horrific and shady.

    who does that?!

  4. WHAT! wowwww, that's really shady, sketchy, and outrageous! I'm glad I didn't sign up with them...

  5. I agree. It seems that a lot of box companies are treating their customers badly. coughs Glossybox.

  6. Even if they did write an article stating the products would be from a lot of their own companies, they are clearly hoping not many people would see that... why would you create like 5+ different companies only to have every single one of the websites not work.. I would be happy to see them make a post, noting all of their own companies so EVERYONE can see what's theirs and whats not.. It doesnt take a genius to see that though just by looking at their websites :p PS. I think everyone should +1 this or share :D

  7. Hm. I've been with them for 6 months (have a 12 month sub) and all the boxes have been great. I know the December box was delayed but I'm glad that they're taking time to correct the problem so it won't happen again. I don't see exactly how this is 'fraud' either. I love the products and if they are from their own company, I don't mind at all. Thinking of it, that makes me think more of their company, for being able to make such great products as well as run the box. I don't see why it's such a big deal if some samples are from their own company and don't see how that makes them a scam or fraud. I've seen services which didn't even send out boxes to subscribers and just took money from them as well as sub services that sent out old and expired beauty products. I also believe they posted about why they deleted some specific posts on their FB. Out of all my subs, this is one of the best IMO because of the great products, concept and I've got nothing but great cutomer service too.

  8. What a freaking nightmare this whole thing has turned out to be. :( I hope you get what you payed for PLUS the free box you were promised. I would not be a part of this deal anymore. If they said from the get go.."This is our company and we're starting a subscription" people would be totally okay with that! UGH

  9. Don't have an account so I'm anonymous haha but this is Sarah Vonk (I post sometimes on Beauty Box Spoilers). I agree with everything you said Candice. TNBB is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They canceled my subscription without my permission and kept $10 of the money. They are theives but I'd rather lose ten bucks than deal with them. When I questioned why they blatantly lied about having shipped the box, they deleted my post. When I asked why they would delete my post, they told me they would report me for harassment. My 4 year old nephew could run a better company than TNBB.
    Oh, and "Regina Edwards" you ARE the Natural Beauty Box so of course you think your own company is great. You are the same one posting positive things on TNBB facebook page with a fake account. Funny how everyone who LOVES TNBB has only been on Facebook since 2012 and has no real picture or friends. Regina, funny how all your posts are only about TNBB and it's companies, AND you live in London Ontario. So nice try Natural Beauty box but w are not that gullible.
    Thanks Candice for the rant (and listening to my rant haha) love your blog!

  10. It's just getting worse and worse on there... Yikes.
    Watch out everyone interested in them: do not do business with them!!

  11. I've just been through hell and back again with them. I'm embarrased that I actually defended them and gave them business. They are horribly abusive to their customers, going so far as to call them "unintelligent". They have shut down the comment section of their FB page with a message stating they were advised to do so by authorities as they are being harrassed and slandered. These are their dissatified customers they are threatening with law suits. It is truly the most insane thing I have ever enountered. AND as if all this was not enough, they sent out emails stating they are raising the price 50% and if you don't like it, too bad, go somewhere else. UNBELIEVABLE!

  12. They are delivering very high quality products and we are getting quite amazing value in each box. If you know anything about natural products the ingredients of the samples, both their companies and others, are truly impressive. Does that mean anything to anyone?
    I figured out quite early on that Delizioso and Dr. Emerald were associated with the NBB, and that it had probably been started at least in part to promote these new companies. I had not heard of them before and I'm quite familiar with the natural cosmetic companies out there, at least in Canada. On the other hand they have also included products from Pure Ananda and The All Natural Face which I can assure you are 100% independant.
    I'm still happy as I'm getting a generous selection of high quality products in my box. Ultimately that's what matters to me most. I can see it might be disappointing to someone who was hoping for more major brands' samples. That's a fair criticism, but, frankly, what we're getting is better than most of the major brands' stuff. And this was evident right from the first sample box.
    Granted I haven't had any of these subscription problems people describe, but I think this stuff happens with a new company and providing a free box would have been more than generous compensation. I can see they've had some glitches, but I don't see such evidence of bad intentions or any major harm being done. This negativity seems a bit excessive.
    By the way, my name is Fiona Gregory, I have no affiliation with the NBB, and I've been on the internet (far too much) since 1996. And I've been looking for organic cruelty free cosmetic choices since before then - believe me even 5 years ago the pickings were mighty slim. We're pretty spoiled now...

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  14. I became an another unwitting victim of this company, on the other end.

    I just supplied them with two of the products that they placed in the "May Box" - the Lip Tint and Eye Cream from SycamoreBoutique.

    My fault, I didn't check out what was going on behind the scenes and even right on their own Facebook page. It wasn't until I found some angry posts and then blogs (featuring my own poor little products) that I realized what I was involved in.
    I will of course never supply them with anything again, but I feel my company ( I am an Etsy seller of natural cosmetics and skin care) has been damaged by the mere association with their name.
    Are there any updates from the members here who had subscriptions ? Did you get the April and May boxes?