Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Main "WANTS" List and my No-Buy

I'm on a bit of a no-buy right now. I have certain guidelines I'm sticking to so I'm not purchasing a lot of stuff, but I'm at least making a list of things to put into perspective how much I want things and how necessary (or not) they are.
SO, here is a small list of things I really want to try when my no-buy guidelines will allow:


  • decent makeup brushes, in particular lip and eye makeup
  • Dior Amber Diamond highlighter OR Dior Rose Diamond (this will be my reward when I've respected my guidelines for a couple months)
  • Shu Uemura cleansing oil 
  • Be Fine exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almonds and oats
  • Eminence rosehip whip moisturizer
  • Josie Maran argan oil

I'm really dying to get my favourite moisturizer but I already have some high quality ones at home that are just fine... But that I don't enjoy using as much as that one. By making myself use it before getting this one, I bring home the point that it's better to have few products that I enjoy a lot than many that I don't love.  

What I'm learning is that it's more annoying than rewarding to buy lots of stuff and it's better to carefully pick products that are a pleasure to use than to have too much of stuff that I don't enjoy. I DO love trying different and new things and it must be done to be able to DISCOVER new products that are even more of a pleasure to use than current ones, but endless full sized products are not the way to go. 

Before I get into a long thing about how beauty boxes are losing their focus by competing to include full sized products that we will never completely use, I'll just end by asking you your thoughts on setting strict no-buy/low-buy guidelines and how you manage your stuff!

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  1. I'm on a no-buy "diet" due to the lack of funds and I don't feel good with it!