Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lady Gaga Perfume! :D

Ever since I smelled this perfume, I've been swatching it every time I see it at the department store or pharmacy and I've been wanting to get my hands on it. I'd been sort of waiting for a good deal and taking my time since I'm not very impulsive and I'm really loving the Lovestruck Floral Rush by Vera Wang sample I got in my Topbox.

But after I bought a Lovestruck gift set at Winners for 50$ to then go back and return it because it was not "Floral Rush", I felt like I had that 50$ or so to spend on perfume. I saw the Lady Gaga gift set with the 50ml bottle, the rollerballand tattoo (like this one I bought but 20ml extra in the bottle) for 50$ and almost took it but hesitated and when I hesitate, I take it as a sign to not buy.

I did not go shopping at all after Christmas but on Monday the 31st, when I stopped to get some groceries, I got stuck parking in front of the pharmacy and decided to dive in for a quick look at the perfume box sets to see if they had Lady Gaga on special. Just BY LUCK, I found it 50% off! So for 22.50$, I got this box set! YAY

It smells just amazing, I could swim in it. 4 days later, I'm still all giddy from my purchase and looking foward to the next morning so I can put it on :)


  1. oh wow that is a fantastic deal! i'd be giddy too :)

  2. Awesome deal! I received a similar set for Christmas -- the one with the 50ml bottle and shower gel.