Friday, January 4, 2013

Julep New Year's Mystery Box

I got my mystery box on Monday. It arrived before my grapefruit scrub which I ordered on December 12, a week before this box! I couldn't pass up the promise of 100-500$ worth. It's normally 60-200$ but this time one lucky mystery box purchaser got an iPad mini, which I guess would be the box worth 500$ with the products it came with... I was expecting a "basic" box with the most basic worth of 100$ and I got a box worth 116$ so that's pretty good! I'd never ever pay in all my life that amount so when I say "worth 116$", understand that I mean that the total full sales price for the items would be 116$. 

I got: 

  • The Best Pedi Creme Ever 
    • I got this in my intro box and liked it a lot and used it all up and have been wanting some more 
  • Julep mascara (espresso brown)
    • I would never pick brown for myself since my eyelashes and brows are close to black naturally, but I'll give it a try since it seems to be a dark brown. Could work for me... I'm looking forward to it.
  • 5 polishes
    • Dendrie a grey
    • Lauren a pink
    • Annie a blue
    • Cindy a sparkley green
    • unnamed mystery glitter in a sort of dark brownishy?
  • Couple of polish remover wipes which will come in handy when I'm at work wanting to remove my nail polish and a couple of hand cream packets.
I'm happy about the pedi creme, so-so about the mascara (due to the colour) and the polishes are satisfactory. The grey is my favourite since I have nothing like it and the blue is super pretty. The sparkle green is a dupe for me which sucks. Others are OK but not my faves. 

For 20$, I'm happy though. I see it as 5$ for the pedi creme and mascara and 2$ per polish which is OK to me! 


  1. Oh cool! You got yours! It looks pretty good to me!

  2. wow.your mystery box has great goodies this time :)

  3. You got a better box them me.. I wasn't too happy with mine.