Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favourite Products 2012 - My Top 20 Discoveries

The category that started it all: SKINCARE

  • Eminence rosehip whip moisturizer
    • This is the PRODUCT that started it all. A really great organic, natural moisturizer. Smells amazing, applies wonderfully, not inexpensive exactly but lasts a long while so for me it's great value. 
  • MaskerAide Detox Diva
    • Got this in my first Topbox (October) and really loved this mask (see review HERE). I tried a couple other different masks including asian ones but this one is still my favourite. 

  • Villainesse duce en fuego whipped body creme
    • Originally from my September Glymm bag (see HERE), I bought the full sized product with my Glymm points as I was cancelling, wanting to take advantage of free shipping on that month's products. It smells so good! For me it's this comforting smell I love when I go to bed. 
  • Julep pink body frosting
    • I LOVE this like crazy. It's my go-to body cream right now. Smells amazing (like grapefruit), very moisturizing, absorbs really well. 

  • Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 55
    • Was a go-to product this summer. It left my skin really soft, has some sort of anti-aging thing going on and has high SPF so it was perfect. 
  • Aveeno positively ageless youth perfecting moisturizer SPF 20
    • I liked this as a lot as a moisturizer with SPF this summer. 


  • Joico K Pak revitalux
    • I got this in my first Glymm bag in July (see HERE) and I found it made my daughter's hair so much softer! I bought the full size and it took until very recently for me to actually use it on myself. I love how soft my hair is after this treatment! 
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease extra strength serum 
    • I got this in my Jujly Glossybox (see HERE) and I just finished the sample. I'm going to buy the full sized product for sure. It worked very well for my daughter's curly messy hair. 

  • Cake it's a slice suppremely rich bath and shower froth
    • OMG this is the best thing ever! LOVE this product so much that I hate the sight and smell of the old junk I used to wash myself with. I could never ever go back to Ivory. 

MAKEUP!!! - Face

  • Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon BB cream
    • BB creams as a whole were my favourite product this year and I really liked a lot of them, from Marcelle to Maybelline to Etude House. But this one is simply the one I reach for the most and enjoy putting on the most. It works perfectly well for my needs, it's the right colour, it's more moisturizing than others, it smells like tea. Click on my label (aka tag word) "bb cream" to read more about my experiences with BB creams. 

MAKEUP!!! - Eyes

  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil
    • A very new discovery for me but I can't get enough. It has made eyeliner pretty much a daily thing for me since I got it in my IPSY bag (see HERE). I will write that my next step will be to try Milani liquif'eye eye pencil that has been compared to this one a lot and is only about 5-6$ so I'm not yet convinced on buying the Urban Decay full sized because of the price, but I do love it and it has been nothing short of makeup changing for me :P

  • Quo Back to Basics palette (Urban Decay Naked dupe)
    • I've never tried the UD palette but this one has almost identical shades and I'm really enjoying playing around with natural looks I can create. 

Makeup!!! - Lips

  • Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink
    • I think this might be my favourite lipstick. It's such a gorgeous neutral pink colour, feels nice on the lips and is long lasting. It's more staining than my Revlon lipbalm+stains. Obviously, I got this from Glossybox (in August, see HERE)
  • L'Oreal Color Riche Caresse in Sunset Angora
    • I read about this in a post about MAC shade Cut a Caper and this was supposed to be close to a dupe to it. I loved the look of the MAC one in the post and got it. No regrets for sure, it's very pretty and feels nice on the lips. 
  • Julep vanilla mint lip balm
    • Smells so yummy! 
  • Revlon balm stain in honey and charm
    • I got charm first and it was a go-to product for a while. The honey came in when I found it for like 4$ and I really love the lighter lips look which I had not gone for previously. 

1- Revlon balmstain in charm
2- Revlon balmstain in honey
3- Color Riche
4- Glossy Pink

In this picture, Glossy Pink and Charm look a lot alike, but the Glossy pink has this extra pinkish dimension that I just love a lot. 


  • Julep acetone-free remover
    • Works really well and I wouldn't want to use the regular acetone after using this for a while. 
  • China Glaze - I Herd That
    • Very pretty sparkley colour. Got in my Topbox (see HERE)
  • Julep Sienna
    • Such a gorgeous reflecting goldish silverish colour. I took it as an add-on to a box and it's the first and only time I've done that so it shows how much this colour spoke to me. I love it as much as I thought!


All this started in May 2012 and I have seriously come far in my beauty-related passion/obsession/hobby. What is shown here is more than what I owned TOTAL before May! It's a bit scarey to imagine but I'm keeping pretty close tabs on my collection and on my spending so it doesn't get completely out of hand. lol

What are your faves of the last year?


  1. all the picks r great and certainly different from what I am reading on other blogs.i like jhon freida serum too.the skinfood bb cream sounds sooo good

    1. I love that BB cream. Out of all BB creams I love, this is the one. They have it in different flavours which are good for different skin problems.

  2. Now I see that we liked a lot of similar stuff! Now I realized I forgot to mention BBcream light by Garnier in my faves!

  3. You picked some great favourites! More than half of what you chose are all things I love to use! Look at all the makeup you have now and all the tricks that you've learned since last year! I'm proud of you :)

    1. Thanks! I'm doing an updated stash post which will be interesting even for me lol

  4. great picks! so many of them are on my list of favourites too... i particularly love the julep body frosting (i just finished mine), joico k-pak revitaluxe, and UD 24/7 glide-on pencil. :)


  5. I keep on hearing about Villainesse products. Many ppl enjoy them very much & are many 2012 fav's.
    I like Skinfood myself. Here are some of mine