Monday, January 7, 2013


I have really horribly shaped eyebrows... My next beauty-related goal is to professionally shape them and keep them groomed. I'm afraid of the "keep them groomed" part so part of me wants to stick with these old things, but I'm also really excited about changing my look slightly with this and I also hope it will help me with trying out eyeshadow looks. I'm not super comfortable in part because of my eyebrows which I'm a bit self-conscious about.

At the moment I'm working on letting them grow out a bit inwards because I just realized that I've plucked them to be maybe a bit too far apart and I'm letting them grow a bit where the curve is so that there's more to play with the shape of it when the time comes.


Any tips on what to do, where to go, how to manage eyebrows?
What would you do with a superlong shaped face like mine?


  1. You know what? I suggest you get them threaded! They do amazing shaping. It's all I will ever do after REALLY bad experiences with wax and odd looking eyebrows. I'll never do my brows any other way!

    1. I second this! Threading is also cheaper and more precise in my opinion. It hurts a little but it's over really fast.

    2. i "third" this! haha
      it still hurts a bit but not as much as waxing... and they have so much more control and precision.

  2. I would recommend you letting them grow out and then getting them shaped through threading.

  3. I use to get them threaded by the lady who did them left the salon I go to so now I just have them waxed. I try to maintain them at home by plucking them but in the end I tend to go and get them waxed. I have only had one bad experience with waxing. But so far so good otherwise. Good Luck

  4. I agree with the comments above. Threading in my opinion is far better :)

  5. OK, it's settled then, I will get them threaded! At least the first time... Because there's no threading place except for over an hour away from here.