Saturday, January 5, 2013

Candice's Crazy Rant

#1 - The Natural Beauty Box (TNBB)

Their December box, which should have been *here* by Christmas, is late. Not just late, but as far as I know it's not shipped yet!! Can't be shipped until Jan 7th now and I don't see any indication from their page that it's right right now either. It's the most ridiculous wait I've seen!

They sent an email ON Christmas Day informing us of the lateness (duh, we had noticed) and wrote that they had delays in receiving the samples. HAD delays, not still dealing with delays. It made it seem like it was ready to go. I see now that it was not the case. Feels like being lied to even if it's in a subtle way.

And so weird is this thing I saw on FB about them manufacturing the products and that being a reason for delays... Um what?! I don't get it but it's weird. 

Today there were posts by Dr. whateveritwas as though this person is the owner. Whether or not it is, it was completely weird. 

They've been deleting any criticism from their page on FB and that's just plain wrong...

Add to this e experience I had with not getting anything in October (which I'd paid for the month before) and having to contact them myself to be told that Paypal are the ones with issues in notifying them of payments made... And some of the responses they've given on FB to people complaining...

I'm definitely not buying another one of their boxes. Anyways just based on contents (November), it was really bad for me so add the horrendous customer service and the lateness and sketchy charaters who own the thing, FORGET ME. 

#2 - NARS blush name ("deep throat")

The name "deep throat" for a blush really disgusts me. I'm open to whatever people do sexually as long as its consensual so the act itself is not my thing but I'm not judging... But imagining the blush a person gets after this act is like... NO. It's way too explicit for my taste. I really think they could've picked something else. 

#3 - Topbox Privé Box

Feels like they sent us all an awful box knowing a good deal of people won't unsub because of the supposedly amazing "Privé Box"... And there's no promise that a Privé Box is anything more than a Tobox with all samples by the same brand. And we all don't know what the heck the brand is. I truly hope it's amazing because I got caught up in the curiosity and I stayed subbed to find out. An iconic brand.. Who knows? It better be awesome because I'm not very happy with Topbox. 

Still feeling much more positive towards them than TNBB though! lol


  1. definitely agreeing with you on #3... we'll see in a couple of weeks.

    1. Feels like we're being manipulated by most of these boxes! I can tolerate a small amount of it like this by Topbox since I still feel they are being truthful and not every single month can be amazing, but I'm still not thrilled. Looking forward to it a lot, yes, but not in a lovey dovey Topbox way.

  2. I agree with number #2. I can't image wearing it and someone asking me what the color of the blush I'm wearing and saying it is Deep Throat. Nars can deep throat this color back to where it came.

  3. I had such high hopes for TNBB. I enjoyed the box and thought it was well worth the money since I have been using their items. I will have to email them to find ou if I will be covered for Febs box since I over paid.

    As for Topbox that should be fun. Wonder what it will be? I just find these beauty boxes are trying to many gimicks and they are trying to out due one another and in the process loosing what brought them so many subscribers to begin with.

  4. #1 - The Natural Beauty Box (TNBB) I agree with you! I ordered the Dec box & paid way back in Oct to make sure I got one. Still nothing.. alot of BS & very bad customer service & deleting ppl's post is very wrong on Fb. Once I get my box - will not deal with them again.

    1. They are getting crazy on their FB page. Calling customers frightful? Are they kidding or it's an error or what? The weirdest thing.

    2. I guess they deleted that message as I couldn't find it.. but I heard...:P

  5. I know I have been checking on there.. Nuts..