Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 IPSY Bag

Sorry, I don't have my own picture, this is straight from ipsy.com
I got the cream coloured nail polish, not red.

I always get Topbox and IPSY a day apart and for the 3rd month it happened again! I'm not getting around to posting until much later though, SORRY

I LOVE this month's IPSY. They have not disappointed since I signed up. They know how to switch it up and keep things interesting. They know how to make the whole bag feel "right"... and they know how to avoid drama by not having too many variations in their boxes making some people feel like they got a bad box.

I got:

  • Pacifica body lotion (75ml, full travel size)
    • OMG this cream is amazing. I made my co-workers try it and we are each buying a kit of it with the body wash and perfume from well.ca (with Pacifica, it ships with UPS and since it's a heavy order, they'll charge extra for brokerage and I don't want to pay)
  • BigSexyHair hairspray
    • Passed this onto my mom... I don't use hairspray.
  • Nailtini polish in Frappe
    • Looks almost the same as the pale pink nude colour by Zoya in Glossybox so for me it feels like a dupe. But it's so nice, not streaky at all, a my-nails-but-better type of colour.
  • Concealer brush
    • Always welcome, I hardly have any brushes. 
  • Jose Maran argan oil (5ml)
    • Everyone seems to think this is 15ml, which is a full sized mini, but it's 5ml. A little goes a long way with this product and I am really loving it. I use 3-4 drops on my face as a moisturizer and about the same for my hair and I love the feeling of this. So far this is a product I plan on repurchasing when I'm done with it. I've been using it for over a week and it's mostly full! A little goes a very very long way.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box (TNBB) "December" 2013 box (January box, really)

Before I get into the box contents, I want to just make it clear that I would never recommend this company to anyone at all! They are liars, have big fat zero customer service professionalism and quality and just get no respect from me whatsoever.

From what I already wrote about to recently threatening legal action against anyone who writes something negative, putting up the full names of two people who had posted something about them on their wall (quack watch report on the infamous Dr. Emerald), posting and posting and posting on their own wall to bring down anything else that was on the timeline - marterial that they made seem like their own research that was PLAGARIZED...

If that's not enough to convince you, I heard that they raised their prices by 50%, to 30$.

Onto the contents:

There were some interesting things in the box and I have to say, it smelled really good! I plan on trying almost all of the 11 items in the box. It went from creams to soaps to scrubs with the bonus natural mascara they included.

We have:

  • A tiny gingerbread soap, cute
  • A body lotion candle, I don't think I "get" the concept
  • A shower gel, but it's very liquidy and doesn't lather well
  • A facial polish
  • A cooling facial cream, I tried on my hand and it smelled lightly of cucumber and it was cooling
  • Natural mascara
  • Facial gellee
  • Body scrub, smells really great
  • Goldenberries anti-aging stick (lipbalm-looking thing), it smells and feels pretty much the same as the cream by the same name. Pretty greasy...
  • I Love Coffee hand cream, I like this
  • I Love Coffee square of soap or something like that...

Overall - drama excluded

If I don't take into consideration "the situation" with TNBB, this is a box I would be OK about paying 20$ for but I wouldn't re-subscribe. Before all the drama, I posted about November's box and I was not impressed... This one is much better but nothing too amazing for me personally. I wouldn't repurchase any of the things I tried and the full size prices for these products are outrageous even if I was interested... So even ruling out the problems I have with their integrity and customer service, I still wouldn't recommend this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Topbox January 2013 - Clinique Privé Box

This month, Topbox offered a box containing all samples from the same company, to give a glimpse of offers they will be having in the future. Everybody got what they call a "Privé box" and the brand was Clinique. My two biggest "suspects" for this month's box were Lancome and Clinique... I just imagined something that had a counter at Sears lol

I'm really happy with the box even though the excitement was bigger before finding out it was Clinique and finding out what was inside it. It's not very exciting for me, but it's useful stuff that I'm happy to try and that so far I like a lot.

I got:

  • clarifying lotion 2 (60ml)
    • This product is an exfoliant and I've been using it once per day for a few days with good results. I would like to say I'd repurchase, but it has alcohol and just for the ingredient I'm hesitant. As far as the product itself and the way it works, I would repurchase... 
  • dark spot corrector (7ml)
    • The sample is enough to get us used to the texture and application but not enough for any actual results. I have freckles but I don't think I have actual dark spots, though I see the makeup counter ladies suggesting this type of product for me... Anyway, I'm glad to try this product, it feels nice so I'd consider giving it a try when I'm "there" (wanting to try dark spot treatment long term)
  • rinse-off eye makeup solvent
    • always useful, seems pretty gentle
  • eyeshadow duo mini
    • OMG this is so cute and sleek. I love the packaging. I haven't actually tried the shadows but they don't seem very pigmented. It's for a sheer, natural type of look as far as I can tell from lightly swatching with my fingers. 

Basically, Topbox redeemed itself with this box. After a box of crap last month filled with products not suited for me, they gave me exactly what I needed. Clarifying lotion 2 is the right one, the dark spot corrector is the right one and the colour I got for the eye shadows too! 

I'm really looking forward to next month and possibly getting a Benefit box.

I know a lot of bloggers feel like Topbox has gone downhill in the past months, especially since they took a huge batch of people off the waitlist (me included) but I actually had 2 boxes I really enjoyed a lot before getting the crappy one last month so at the moment I'm feeling good about them right now. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My "Low-Buy" Rules


1-      No more than 2 beauty box subs per month
2-      No more than 1 “lifestyle” box sub per month
3-      Allowance fot the boxes cannot be transferred
4-      No buying products in categories I already have products in. These are to be 1 in, 1 out.
5-      No buying eye shadow products until I figure out one decent eye shadow look AND wear eye   shadow 3 days in the same week at work
6-      Products can be used up, given or thrown out to allow for room.

These are my main rules at the moment.

I have some room to grow because there are things I don't own any of yet... I only have 2 blushes, one red one and one light pink. I'm looking for a more coral type blush right now to add to my  stash. I'm also looking for a highlighter and possibly some translucent powder. I'd be open to adding a matte lipstick too since I have none. I also have some lip colours I don't really have anything of that could possibly be added to my stash...

I'm trying to manage beauty boxes because I don't want to go overboard. I was so close to subscribing to Beauty Box 5 and I've been interested in Starlooks too, but that will wait. I'm hoping Topbox flops soon so I can try something new soon lol.

I don't have any "lifestyle" boxes yet but I'm open to adding a bath type box, probably the seasonal one, I forget the name.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box - MAJOR RANT

I don't shy away from ranting about beauty boxes. I've done it about Luxe box and Glossybox in the past. Here's another one. The WORST YET.

Here's a quickly written summary:

1) In October, many customers did not get their box. They were told there was a glitch with Paypal notification. Basically, that they had not been made aware of a lot of customers' payments. It felt iffy, but they offered an extra free box to make up for it.

2) The real stuff starts. They were supposed to get the December boxes out in time for us to get them by Christmas. On Christmas DAY, they send a message saying they are sorry for the delays, they HAD problems receiving samples, made it seem like they were shipping. FF a week, they were still making excuses about delays for the holidays, the samples, and a word that stuck out at me "manufacturing", they were not at all ready to ship when they told us they were (on the 25th).

3) In the meantime, customers' FB messages are being deleted left and right, it's total censorship on their page. Only the good stuff appears.

4) FF to the past few days and things have gotten WEIRD. SO FREAKIN WEIRD. Posts by TNBB start being signed by Dr. thisnthat (Mila Emerald). Turns out this is the mom of the two girls who are the face of TNBB... She posts something full of errors that says that she thanks us all for being such frightful customers. Then it's corrected as "dedicated". How can the word dedicated become frightful?! Autocorrect is not *that* crazy.

5) This is where the really really bad stuff starts to be discovered. One evening, I decide to use a face cream I got in my November box for the first time and notice that it's called Goldenberries Dr. M Emerald organic face cream (or something like that). So here we were with one product from the past box that was made by them. See point 2 where the weird word "manufacturing" came out by them in a reply. They have definitely been adding their own stuff in the box.

6) That very same evening, on the FB group, someone mentions Delizioso, which is the 2 girls' company. I go back to my post of TNBB and to the bathroom where I kept those products. TWO of the products were by Delizioso.

7) I decide to look into the other products I got in that box and two of them are by Fruition. Looking into Fruition, I get a site for L'Naturelle that is out of order at the moment, not unlike TNBB site has been recently. I look into the partner companies on their website and find that so many of them have websites that are out of order. Very suspicious if you ask me.

8) Meanwhile, a person on the FB group has found L'Naturelle FB page listing the companies it deals with and it's all of those out of order website companies that can only be found through there and through TNBB

So basically....

I can't know for sure, but there is a whole lot of evidence to point towards the majority of the businesses that TNBB partners with being they themselves. They seem to have made a sample box filled with their own products, passing it off to the unsuspecting, natural -product-loving customers as a sample box with a variety of products from a variety of different businesses.

This is fraud.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have really horribly shaped eyebrows... My next beauty-related goal is to professionally shape them and keep them groomed. I'm afraid of the "keep them groomed" part so part of me wants to stick with these old things, but I'm also really excited about changing my look slightly with this and I also hope it will help me with trying out eyeshadow looks. I'm not super comfortable in part because of my eyebrows which I'm a bit self-conscious about.

At the moment I'm working on letting them grow out a bit inwards because I just realized that I've plucked them to be maybe a bit too far apart and I'm letting them grow a bit where the curve is so that there's more to play with the shape of it when the time comes.


Any tips on what to do, where to go, how to manage eyebrows?
What would you do with a superlong shaped face like mine?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Main "WANTS" List and my No-Buy

I'm on a bit of a no-buy right now. I have certain guidelines I'm sticking to so I'm not purchasing a lot of stuff, but I'm at least making a list of things to put into perspective how much I want things and how necessary (or not) they are.
SO, here is a small list of things I really want to try when my no-buy guidelines will allow:


  • decent makeup brushes, in particular lip and eye makeup
  • Dior Amber Diamond highlighter OR Dior Rose Diamond (this will be my reward when I've respected my guidelines for a couple months)
  • Shu Uemura cleansing oil 
  • Be Fine exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almonds and oats
  • Eminence rosehip whip moisturizer
  • Josie Maran argan oil

I'm really dying to get my favourite moisturizer but I already have some high quality ones at home that are just fine... But that I don't enjoy using as much as that one. By making myself use it before getting this one, I bring home the point that it's better to have few products that I enjoy a lot than many that I don't love.  

What I'm learning is that it's more annoying than rewarding to buy lots of stuff and it's better to carefully pick products that are a pleasure to use than to have too much of stuff that I don't enjoy. I DO love trying different and new things and it must be done to be able to DISCOVER new products that are even more of a pleasure to use than current ones, but endless full sized products are not the way to go. 

Before I get into a long thing about how beauty boxes are losing their focus by competing to include full sized products that we will never completely use, I'll just end by asking you your thoughts on setting strict no-buy/low-buy guidelines and how you manage your stuff!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Goals for 2013

Here's a list of goals that I have for 2013. I still need to work on making some of them more structured and specific so I can better accomplish them, and I want to do a monthly accountability post too. I recommend you check out Ellesy's post on making resolutions, it's very helpful!


1. Figure out my eyebrows

2. Continue my no-buy. I guess I should call it a low-buy since I'm fully open to adding products I lack in my stash and replacing used up products.


3. Stick to "the routine". I made a routine when my daughter started KG, my son was entering daycare and I was getting back to work after my maternity leave and I am no longer sticking to it at all. The structure was helping everyone settle down well and with different stresses going on and some fatigue, I have not been respecting my own rules.


4. Get things we don't use or need out of our daily living spaces.

5. Get rid of a lot of things we don't use or need.

  • If I am able to get on board with my own idea that I'm not having any more kids, I want to get rid of baby stuff I have.
  • I want to get rid of things that I don't use but that are also not useful for anyone else, even if I know they are useful somehow... Know what I mean? Like old pyjamas or towels from 15 years ago. I can still wear them and they still dry me, but they are too old and ugly to ever be useful for others, and I have gotten others over time and these need to go. 

6. Make a space for my son so he can leave my bedroom. 

7. Make a space for ME when that happens. I still have not decorated my bedroom in any sort of way and I've been here for 3 years... It's very teenage dorm style and maybe I finally deserve a place that I feel comfortable in?


8. Save the equivalent of 15% of my net income. When/If my husband's financial situation changes (for the better), I will increase that percentage. Time will tell on that one so I'm not going to set any goals that rely on others. 


9. Make some active efforts to maintain relationships with people I care about. When life gets busy I don't see people or contact people as often as I'd want to or should so a resolution is to keep better contact with them. From certain friends, close acquaintances, cousins, aunts and uncles.


10. Find a way to control my crazy yelling when I get upset and angry at home. There must be better ways to deal with frustration...


11. Be more spiritual. I have no idea where this resolution is going... Maybe I could make weekly goals a month in advance and try to stick to them, and try to add in permanently the things that work. From reading certain books to adding rituals into my day to day life... I will see.

My Makeup Stash - 6 months later

I've been meaning to do this post and the time is now! It has been 6 months since I started blogging and showed you my beginner's stash. See HERE to be like... "That was it?!" lol

At the moment, I keep my makeup in these bags, in drawers in the bathroom except for the BB creams and primer which stay in my DIY Glossybox drawers.

Here are my BB creams (Marcelle, Etude House, Skinfood Good Afternoon, Skinfood Aloe, L'Oreal, Missha, Maybelline), my primers (Missha BB Boomer, Avon Magix, Mirabella) along with the Mai highlighter sheets, old foundation and old concealer (on their way out)

This is my favourite part of my stash I think. Maybe because it's practically all new and bought and chosen by me based on what I wanted and needed.

My 2 palettes:

My eyeshadows. I want to give the quad and trio ones a good try to see if I like them at all. If not, they're out because they've been around for too long. That large pencil one down there too could be a goner if I don't find a decent way to wear it. It fades so easily and so far I don't find it looks good at all so it's on the chopping block.

My blushes, bronzers, powder and brushes. I also have a brush in my Quo palette (similar to the one here). I really need to get some more variety in brushes because I'm having a hard time applying eye makeup.

Missing from this picture is a product I love, my loose powder kohl from Saudi Arabia.
There are my mascaras (first 4 are opened, last 4 are unopened) and my eyeliners. Great Lash and Cargo sample are on their way out. The NYC liner is total crap and I'll give it to my daughter to draw with on paper or something. lol

Lip products. 
Lip balms on top (missing a few which are at my work place and backups of the Burt's Bees, Neutrogena and Julep ones, stashed somewhere), lip tar on the same row.
Lip glosses (first 4, second row), lipstick/lipgloss duos, lipsticks (with the last 2 being on their way out for being really horrible colours)
Last row is 2 glosses (unused that a friend gave me), lip shimmer, 2 Baby Lips (Maybelline), 2 Revlon lip butters, 3 Revlon lipstains, a lip pencil and some sort of lip product by Avon at the end (given to me unused by friend).
Missing my Julep lip lacquer because it leaks when tilted...

There we go, this is my makeup stash as of now. It has grown exponentially, as someone in my comments predicted. It is still growing despite my "no-buy" because my personal guidelines allow buying products that I have none of, like a highlighter, different blush colour, brushes, matte lipstick, coloured eyeliners.

I have a question for you guys? What is MAKEUP for you? What is your personal stash for you? A collection, an obsession, all for use? Thanks for answering!

Candice's Crazy Rant

#1 - The Natural Beauty Box (TNBB)

Their December box, which should have been *here* by Christmas, is late. Not just late, but as far as I know it's not shipped yet!! Can't be shipped until Jan 7th now and I don't see any indication from their page that it's right right now either. It's the most ridiculous wait I've seen!

They sent an email ON Christmas Day informing us of the lateness (duh, we had noticed) and wrote that they had delays in receiving the samples. HAD delays, not still dealing with delays. It made it seem like it was ready to go. I see now that it was not the case. Feels like being lied to even if it's in a subtle way.

And so weird is this thing I saw on FB about them manufacturing the products and that being a reason for delays... Um what?! I don't get it but it's weird. 

Today there were posts by Dr. whateveritwas as though this person is the owner. Whether or not it is, it was completely weird. 

They've been deleting any criticism from their page on FB and that's just plain wrong...

Add to this e experience I had with not getting anything in October (which I'd paid for the month before) and having to contact them myself to be told that Paypal are the ones with issues in notifying them of payments made... And some of the responses they've given on FB to people complaining...

I'm definitely not buying another one of their boxes. Anyways just based on contents (November), it was really bad for me so add the horrendous customer service and the lateness and sketchy charaters who own the thing, FORGET ME. 

#2 - NARS blush name ("deep throat")

The name "deep throat" for a blush really disgusts me. I'm open to whatever people do sexually as long as its consensual so the act itself is not my thing but I'm not judging... But imagining the blush a person gets after this act is like... NO. It's way too explicit for my taste. I really think they could've picked something else. 

#3 - Topbox Privé Box

Feels like they sent us all an awful box knowing a good deal of people won't unsub because of the supposedly amazing "Privé Box"... And there's no promise that a Privé Box is anything more than a Tobox with all samples by the same brand. And we all don't know what the heck the brand is. I truly hope it's amazing because I got caught up in the curiosity and I stayed subbed to find out. An iconic brand.. Who knows? It better be awesome because I'm not very happy with Topbox. 

Still feeling much more positive towards them than TNBB though! lol

Lady Gaga Perfume! :D

Ever since I smelled this perfume, I've been swatching it every time I see it at the department store or pharmacy and I've been wanting to get my hands on it. I'd been sort of waiting for a good deal and taking my time since I'm not very impulsive and I'm really loving the Lovestruck Floral Rush by Vera Wang sample I got in my Topbox.

But after I bought a Lovestruck gift set at Winners for 50$ to then go back and return it because it was not "Floral Rush", I felt like I had that 50$ or so to spend on perfume. I saw the Lady Gaga gift set with the 50ml bottle, the rollerballand tattoo (like this one I bought but 20ml extra in the bottle) for 50$ and almost took it but hesitated and when I hesitate, I take it as a sign to not buy.

I did not go shopping at all after Christmas but on Monday the 31st, when I stopped to get some groceries, I got stuck parking in front of the pharmacy and decided to dive in for a quick look at the perfume box sets to see if they had Lady Gaga on special. Just BY LUCK, I found it 50% off! So for 22.50$, I got this box set! YAY

It smells just amazing, I could swim in it. 4 days later, I'm still all giddy from my purchase and looking foward to the next morning so I can put it on :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Julep New Year's Mystery Box

I got my mystery box on Monday. It arrived before my grapefruit scrub which I ordered on December 12, a week before this box! I couldn't pass up the promise of 100-500$ worth. It's normally 60-200$ but this time one lucky mystery box purchaser got an iPad mini, which I guess would be the box worth 500$ with the products it came with... I was expecting a "basic" box with the most basic worth of 100$ and I got a box worth 116$ so that's pretty good! I'd never ever pay in all my life that amount so when I say "worth 116$", understand that I mean that the total full sales price for the items would be 116$. 

I got: 

  • The Best Pedi Creme Ever 
    • I got this in my intro box and liked it a lot and used it all up and have been wanting some more 
  • Julep mascara (espresso brown)
    • I would never pick brown for myself since my eyelashes and brows are close to black naturally, but I'll give it a try since it seems to be a dark brown. Could work for me... I'm looking forward to it.
  • 5 polishes
    • Dendrie a grey
    • Lauren a pink
    • Annie a blue
    • Cindy a sparkley green
    • unnamed mystery glitter in a sort of dark brownishy?
  • Couple of polish remover wipes which will come in handy when I'm at work wanting to remove my nail polish and a couple of hand cream packets.
I'm happy about the pedi creme, so-so about the mascara (due to the colour) and the polishes are satisfactory. The grey is my favourite since I have nothing like it and the blue is super pretty. The sparkle green is a dupe for me which sucks. Others are OK but not my faves. 

For 20$, I'm happy though. I see it as 5$ for the pedi creme and mascara and 2$ per polish which is OK to me! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favourite Products 2012 - My Top 20 Discoveries

The category that started it all: SKINCARE

  • Eminence rosehip whip moisturizer
    • This is the PRODUCT that started it all. A really great organic, natural moisturizer. Smells amazing, applies wonderfully, not inexpensive exactly but lasts a long while so for me it's great value. 
  • MaskerAide Detox Diva
    • Got this in my first Topbox (October) and really loved this mask (see review HERE). I tried a couple other different masks including asian ones but this one is still my favourite. 

  • Villainesse duce en fuego whipped body creme
    • Originally from my September Glymm bag (see HERE), I bought the full sized product with my Glymm points as I was cancelling, wanting to take advantage of free shipping on that month's products. It smells so good! For me it's this comforting smell I love when I go to bed. 
  • Julep pink body frosting
    • I LOVE this like crazy. It's my go-to body cream right now. Smells amazing (like grapefruit), very moisturizing, absorbs really well. 

  • Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 55
    • Was a go-to product this summer. It left my skin really soft, has some sort of anti-aging thing going on and has high SPF so it was perfect. 
  • Aveeno positively ageless youth perfecting moisturizer SPF 20
    • I liked this as a lot as a moisturizer with SPF this summer. 


  • Joico K Pak revitalux
    • I got this in my first Glymm bag in July (see HERE) and I found it made my daughter's hair so much softer! I bought the full size and it took until very recently for me to actually use it on myself. I love how soft my hair is after this treatment! 
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease extra strength serum 
    • I got this in my Jujly Glossybox (see HERE) and I just finished the sample. I'm going to buy the full sized product for sure. It worked very well for my daughter's curly messy hair. 

  • Cake it's a slice suppremely rich bath and shower froth
    • OMG this is the best thing ever! LOVE this product so much that I hate the sight and smell of the old junk I used to wash myself with. I could never ever go back to Ivory. 

MAKEUP!!! - Face

  • Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon BB cream
    • BB creams as a whole were my favourite product this year and I really liked a lot of them, from Marcelle to Maybelline to Etude House. But this one is simply the one I reach for the most and enjoy putting on the most. It works perfectly well for my needs, it's the right colour, it's more moisturizing than others, it smells like tea. Click on my label (aka tag word) "bb cream" to read more about my experiences with BB creams. 

MAKEUP!!! - Eyes

  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil
    • A very new discovery for me but I can't get enough. It has made eyeliner pretty much a daily thing for me since I got it in my IPSY bag (see HERE). I will write that my next step will be to try Milani liquif'eye eye pencil that has been compared to this one a lot and is only about 5-6$ so I'm not yet convinced on buying the Urban Decay full sized because of the price, but I do love it and it has been nothing short of makeup changing for me :P

  • Quo Back to Basics palette (Urban Decay Naked dupe)
    • I've never tried the UD palette but this one has almost identical shades and I'm really enjoying playing around with natural looks I can create. 

Makeup!!! - Lips

  • Glossybox lipstick in Glossy Pink
    • I think this might be my favourite lipstick. It's such a gorgeous neutral pink colour, feels nice on the lips and is long lasting. It's more staining than my Revlon lipbalm+stains. Obviously, I got this from Glossybox (in August, see HERE)
  • L'Oreal Color Riche Caresse in Sunset Angora
    • I read about this in a post about MAC shade Cut a Caper and this was supposed to be close to a dupe to it. I loved the look of the MAC one in the post and got it. No regrets for sure, it's very pretty and feels nice on the lips. 
  • Julep vanilla mint lip balm
    • Smells so yummy! 
  • Revlon balm stain in honey and charm
    • I got charm first and it was a go-to product for a while. The honey came in when I found it for like 4$ and I really love the lighter lips look which I had not gone for previously. 

1- Revlon balmstain in charm
2- Revlon balmstain in honey
3- Color Riche
4- Glossy Pink

In this picture, Glossy Pink and Charm look a lot alike, but the Glossy pink has this extra pinkish dimension that I just love a lot. 


  • Julep acetone-free remover
    • Works really well and I wouldn't want to use the regular acetone after using this for a while. 
  • China Glaze - I Herd That
    • Very pretty sparkley colour. Got in my Topbox (see HERE)
  • Julep Sienna
    • Such a gorgeous reflecting goldish silverish colour. I took it as an add-on to a box and it's the first and only time I've done that so it shows how much this colour spoke to me. I love it as much as I thought!


All this started in May 2012 and I have seriously come far in my beauty-related passion/obsession/hobby. What is shown here is more than what I owned TOTAL before May! It's a bit scarey to imagine but I'm keeping pretty close tabs on my collection and on my spending so it doesn't get completely out of hand. lol

What are your faves of the last year?