Monday, December 3, 2012

The Natural Beauty Box TNBB November 2012

I apologize for the horrible picture but this is close to the best I can do when it's all dark outside... And I apologize for the crappy-ass post, but this is the best I can do right now. I'm too busy and tired lately...

I was able to go get my package at the post office today and was very excited to dig in. After taking a look at my samples and trying a few of them out, I'm a little bit disappointed. If I had paid 21$ for it, I would not be very happy. What happened for me though is that I paid 21$ in September and then they had an issue with never sending out my October box, so they promised me a November box PLUS a December box for the inconvenience. So I consider this a 10.50$ box and I'm pleased enough.

I'm not going to give all the brand names except if it's something especially interesting. I might add some more information in the post in the future or make separate posts.

From the top baggie and then left to right, I got: 

  • 2 little baggies of mineral eye shadows. I don't know what the heck to do with these (how to use them), but it's a nice pinky purple colour and a nice gold colour.
  • solid perfume, totally stinks
  • moisturizing cream made with plants. The brand is Native Touch and the product is called Rooting Bear Rub. It's a very interesting product made to moisturize dry spots like heels, elbows,  etc. It smells very medicine-ish a bit like vapor rub style and it's close to solid but it does moisturize and after it absorbs, it's completely non-greasy and feels nice and smooth. 
  • Split ends conditioner
  • brown eye pencil, nice colour, doesn't seem very long lasting, a small light rub and most of the colour was off... but I don't mind that, it'll make it easy to turn this into a subtle look.
  • blue raspberry lip balm, pretty nice
  • lip scrub, I'm really looking forward to trying it
  • interesting little container of face cream. I'm feeling a bit iffy about putting stuff on my face lately after having a few pimples caused by I-donno-what but I will try it... 
  • cupcake soap

Funny thing: 

There was also a little chocolate thing as a promo for their new Gourmet Candy bag and it was the first thing I took out. The second thing was the cupcake soap and I thought to myself that they were going nuts on treats with a second edible item. About an hour later, I took it out of the plastic bag and out of the little box and still had in my mind that it was edible (though the feel of it is nothing close to edible-feeling) so I actually freakin LICKED THE SOAP! Omg I suck! And it was truly DISGUSTING! I hope I have a better experience with using it as soap lol


  1. lololololol
    candice! "Omg I suck!" hahaha aww! i'm sure that others could have made the same mistake... how did the soap taste?

    and i hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. With the mineral shadow, do you mean how to use the product or how to use the colours?

    If you mean how to use the product, you just use it like pressed shadow :) Just dip your brush in the baggie and tap off the excess. To really make them pop (particularly ones with a lot of sparkle), I recommend's Pixie Epoxy. They can also be used wet. Hope that helps!

    1. I read your comment right before bed and ended up dreaming of loose mineral eye shadow... It was just weird to dream of that but I think I perfected the technique, LOL

      Thanks for the instructions I will definitely try it out.

  3. HAHa OMG Candice you make me snort my pepsi when I read that last paragraph! Too cute!

  4. Oh no! Well, at least it was a natural soap? LOL
    Hope you feel better soon, Lovely.
    Don't apologize for anything. Its your impression of the box and that's what I like reading. Thank you for posting and sharing :)

  5. Cute stuff. I'm laughing imagining you licking the soap!

  6. Oh no!! LOL, licking that soap must have been a bit of a shock!!

    1. Snapped me back to reality! And then I started licking my shirt

  7. hahaaa i've never licked my nice smelling soaps before although i came close with the one that smells like mint chocolate. it literally makes me drool! :)

  8. haha oh my!!! You are so funny! lol.

    As for the box...if I payed $21 for that I would be more than disappointed.