Sunday, December 2, 2012

Staff Christmas Party Look

Friday was my work Christmas party! I had so much fun with my co-workers (who I also consider friends) and we went as singles so it was a bit of a girl's night out for us. We had a nice meal, a stand-up comic, games, and dancing! We are so lucky to have all of this awesome stuff completely paid by our company. The stand up comic we had is Guillaume Wagner, who is actually pretty well known here in Quebec and was hilarious! Pretty raw in his humour, saying a lot of pretty risky things but we laughed non-stop and though it was a risk to have this type of humour at an office party, it worked great and everyone was into it. 

I wore a black dress just above the knee with the sleeves and top of it with black dots and with black leggings. I accented the look with a skinny red belt, red heels and my nails done in a matte red with gold accent nail (the China Glaze polish from my Topbox). I was planning on having red lips too but I lost my Pari lip paint (from Topbox) the day of the event!! 

Here's the look: 


  • Precious Minerals BB cream (it really kept my skin looking nice, bright and even all night, even when I was super hot and without makeup would have been tomatoe-red)
  • Bit of blush and bronzor
  • Revlon lipstain (the one with the marker) in FLAME... Anyway, it kept my lips looking coloured though eating and everything, without coming off all over the place
  • Revlon lipstain and balm (the pencil one that looks like the Clinique and Tarte ones) in CHARM (I love this product, I have charm and honey, the more neutral ones and I wear them the most regularly of all my products)
  • Kohl I bought from Saudi Arabia on the top and bottom waterline (the powder kind you apply with a wand, I'll have to post about this)
  • Big of neutral eyeshadow
  • Bunch of mascara to the top and bottom lashes

They are a bit less bright in person than this. More or less the same colour as my belt. I was probably 6'1 with these on! lol


  1. I wish we had more pics of you! beautiful woman! xxx

  2. Love your shoes and you look beautiful. Glad you had fun. :-)

  3. very pretty and the dress and the nose ring :) you look so cute

  4. it sounds like you had a great time!!! i love getting dressed up. your makeup looks amazing!! so clean and fresh... i never look like that at the end of a work day haha.

  5. Thanks you guys! Man I had fun :D

  6. I think you look fantastic!!! :D It's amazing to see how far you have come from the first few posts, Candice! XO

    1. Thanks! So true, it's not the same person lol
      I've been wanting to do an update post on my makeup collection... It has really changed majorly!