Sunday, December 23, 2012

FOTD - December IPSY look

As I wrote in my previous post (see HERE), I LOVED this month's IPSY (myglam) bag! The contents were amazing and I love that the bag has a bit of everything makeup-wise, it's enough to make a complete look! I didn't even put on makeup with the intention to use the IPSY bag contents at all, it just happened naturally :)

Here it is:

 Eyes closed (I don't know how to close my eyes without having the "stitched wrong"look):

I used: 

  • Skinfood BB cream
  • Mai Couture blush with some Lippy girl blush (I was using the Mai Couture sheet from a past Glymm bag and it was like the 5th time I used the same sheet so I needed some extra... and yeah, the blush didn't come out quite right in this look for that reason. 1 sheet does NOT equal 5 uses LOL)
  • *Mai Couture highlighter sheet (FROM IPSY)
  • *Mirabella primer (FROM IPSY)
  • My really cool Back to Basics palette by Quo (a golden colour for the eyelid, darker one for the sides, whiteish one for the inner corner. Had I known I was going IPSY, I would have used the NYX shadow - it's very similar to the golden colour I used from the palette!)
  • *Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in zero (FROM IPSY) OMG I love this eye pencil! I had never used quality eye pencil so I believed markers were the way to go but I was wrong. This is awesome and I don't think I can go back to markers and I definitely would not use cheap-ass eye pencils ever! Application is so easy and smooth and much more "natural" looking than marker.
  • Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
  • *Be a... Bombshell red lipgloss (FROM IPSY) I put on a light layer of this to not be too made up.

There you go!

Do you guys enjoy the very descriptive makeup list like this or would you prefer I list the products in a very simple list style and add any comments in a paragraph underneath? Is it clear enough like this? Thanks for any feedback!!


  1. Very pretty look! I got that Quo palette for myself for X-mas ;) To your questions - I think I would prefer a list of items, followed by a paragraph of comments.

  2. you look very pretty!! there are so many makeup items from ipsy - i loveeeee it! im excited to play with mine too!
    happy holidays candice!

  3. I like the comments about the products used :) Love your look!

    1. Aw thanks, I'll try a different way next time so it can be clearer :)

  4. Is the Back to Basic palette the same as the Naked one? I love being able to try new products and these beauty boxes are letting us to do that. OMG we are so smiliar I was using that Mia paper a few times as well because I wanted it to last. Very nice look

    1. It's a super close dupe. You can use my search to find the post I did about it. Not a detailed post but there's a picture in there of the whole palette.

      LOL about using the paper multiple times! Honestly, there's way too much blush on there for one application and same for the highlighter!

  5. you loos so great.very elegant.

  6. very pretty makeup look. :) i like how you did the descriptive makeup list! i too discovered the urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil this year and i've been loving it. i never used to like eye liner at all.