Sunday, December 23, 2012

FOTD - December IPSY look

As I wrote in my previous post (see HERE), I LOVED this month's IPSY (myglam) bag! The contents were amazing and I love that the bag has a bit of everything makeup-wise, it's enough to make a complete look! I didn't even put on makeup with the intention to use the IPSY bag contents at all, it just happened naturally :)

Here it is:

 Eyes closed (I don't know how to close my eyes without having the "stitched wrong"look):

I used: 

  • Skinfood BB cream
  • Mai Couture blush with some Lippy girl blush (I was using the Mai Couture sheet from a past Glymm bag and it was like the 5th time I used the same sheet so I needed some extra... and yeah, the blush didn't come out quite right in this look for that reason. 1 sheet does NOT equal 5 uses LOL)
  • *Mai Couture highlighter sheet (FROM IPSY)
  • *Mirabella primer (FROM IPSY)
  • My really cool Back to Basics palette by Quo (a golden colour for the eyelid, darker one for the sides, whiteish one for the inner corner. Had I known I was going IPSY, I would have used the NYX shadow - it's very similar to the golden colour I used from the palette!)
  • *Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in zero (FROM IPSY) OMG I love this eye pencil! I had never used quality eye pencil so I believed markers were the way to go but I was wrong. This is awesome and I don't think I can go back to markers and I definitely would not use cheap-ass eye pencils ever! Application is so easy and smooth and much more "natural" looking than marker.
  • Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
  • *Be a... Bombshell red lipgloss (FROM IPSY) I put on a light layer of this to not be too made up.

There you go!

Do you guys enjoy the very descriptive makeup list like this or would you prefer I list the products in a very simple list style and add any comments in a paragraph underneath? Is it clear enough like this? Thanks for any feedback!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 Beauty Boxes: December Topbox #13-QC, IPSY, Julep Bombshell

First, December TOPBOX

It sucked and I'm in no way excited to blog about it. I can't use a single thing from this box. Acne stuff for someone with no acne, styling products to use with heating tools for someone who doesn't style or use any hair tools and some loose powder foundation. I don't have a proper brush for this product and I hate the messiness so I won't use this either.

The box itself was cute and I'll use it to gift.

My picture maybe makes it worse than it is because it's a crappy pic I took rather than a professional pic like the two other boxes.

Second, December IPSY

This one is a whole other experience! The contents are amazing! This box included:
  • NYX loose pearl eyeshadow (full size) in a very wearable shimmery beigey colour that suits my style.
  • Mai Couture highlighter paper (25 sheets, half of full size) This is not the skimp 2 sheets of blush we got in Glymm, it's a really very generous sample! I loved the way the blush looked on my face so I have high hopes, I feel they have quality products even if it's not the type of thing I'd be interested in buying because of the price.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil (2/3 of full size) I tried this and it's really buttery and nice to use. I had only tried cheap eye pencils and marker ones and this is better than both I think. Much more natural than marker ones and so much better to apply than cheap ones.
  • Be a Bombshell lip gloss in a bright but very pretty red. It doesn't smell great but that doesn't last and it feels good on the lips so I love it! It's a colour that is pretty much the brightest that I would wear out and about so a great addition to my collection. I don't know if this is full size?
  • Mirabelle primer for face and eyes (full size) Nice to have! I have close to no experience with primers so this feels pretty much like my Avon one does. I would've liked a primer exclusively for eyes but it's still cool.

Third, Julep with profile Bombshell

I got this box with my "Jules" (rewards program) because I liked the green one (Cindy) a lot. This is the only one I tried from my box and it's a really gorgeous, festive, glittery green. I enjoy Julep a lot. I want to try the foot scrub soon!
  • Hilary: Full-coverage copper multi-dimensional glitter
  • Cindy: Emerald green with gold micro-glitter metallic
  • Instant Warming Foot Scrub: Cucumber mint scented scrub

Friday, December 7, 2012


I'm part of a group on Facebook called Beauty No-Buy Support Group and it's really doing the job at making me not buy stuff. Actually, it has made me start hating subscription boxes! I'm so close to just cancelling them!

After 6 months of getting on average 3 boxes or so, I'm officially loaded with products and it will take me a while to get them all used up. Skincare products were things I loved to get in boxes, but I'm having a bit of an overdose because after trying a  bunch of new things and having a great time doing it, I was able to tweak my skincare routine pretty good and I now just want to repurchase my regular, most favourite moisturizer, a facial oil I tried, an exfoliating scrub I got as a sample and the only thing I want to add that I haven't figured out is a cleansing oil. With the no-buy, I can't do any of that until I've used up my samples. So the LAST thing I want is more! lol

And darn it!!! I got 3 pimples in the past 2 weeks because of my skincare habits and it's so all over the place that I don't even really know what caused them! I have a feeling it was the eclos cream from Ipsy so it's in my "done" pile even if I have some left...

If anyone wants to rip their hair out with me in the No-Buy group, here's the link:

See you there! Merry merry no-buy Christmas. muahahahahaha hohohohoho :P

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today's Nails: Gold-flecked blue

This is one of my most winning nail applications ever! It was not all over the place and looks pretty even and kinda cool with the gold flecks. I'm starting to get it!!! :D I used the quick dry nail drops from Julep and it really made a difference in the look and the quality.

This is using my Julep Eloise, described as a smokey indigo blue creme with the Sephora 19K It's Real gold fleck topcoat.

I wish I had better lighting!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Natural Beauty Box TNBB November 2012

I apologize for the horrible picture but this is close to the best I can do when it's all dark outside... And I apologize for the crappy-ass post, but this is the best I can do right now. I'm too busy and tired lately...

I was able to go get my package at the post office today and was very excited to dig in. After taking a look at my samples and trying a few of them out, I'm a little bit disappointed. If I had paid 21$ for it, I would not be very happy. What happened for me though is that I paid 21$ in September and then they had an issue with never sending out my October box, so they promised me a November box PLUS a December box for the inconvenience. So I consider this a 10.50$ box and I'm pleased enough.

I'm not going to give all the brand names except if it's something especially interesting. I might add some more information in the post in the future or make separate posts.

From the top baggie and then left to right, I got: 

  • 2 little baggies of mineral eye shadows. I don't know what the heck to do with these (how to use them), but it's a nice pinky purple colour and a nice gold colour.
  • solid perfume, totally stinks
  • moisturizing cream made with plants. The brand is Native Touch and the product is called Rooting Bear Rub. It's a very interesting product made to moisturize dry spots like heels, elbows,  etc. It smells very medicine-ish a bit like vapor rub style and it's close to solid but it does moisturize and after it absorbs, it's completely non-greasy and feels nice and smooth. 
  • Split ends conditioner
  • brown eye pencil, nice colour, doesn't seem very long lasting, a small light rub and most of the colour was off... but I don't mind that, it'll make it easy to turn this into a subtle look.
  • blue raspberry lip balm, pretty nice
  • lip scrub, I'm really looking forward to trying it
  • interesting little container of face cream. I'm feeling a bit iffy about putting stuff on my face lately after having a few pimples caused by I-donno-what but I will try it... 
  • cupcake soap

Funny thing: 

There was also a little chocolate thing as a promo for their new Gourmet Candy bag and it was the first thing I took out. The second thing was the cupcake soap and I thought to myself that they were going nuts on treats with a second edible item. About an hour later, I took it out of the plastic bag and out of the little box and still had in my mind that it was edible (though the feel of it is nothing close to edible-feeling) so I actually freakin LICKED THE SOAP! Omg I suck! And it was truly DISGUSTING! I hope I have a better experience with using it as soap lol

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Staff Christmas Party Look

Friday was my work Christmas party! I had so much fun with my co-workers (who I also consider friends) and we went as singles so it was a bit of a girl's night out for us. We had a nice meal, a stand-up comic, games, and dancing! We are so lucky to have all of this awesome stuff completely paid by our company. The stand up comic we had is Guillaume Wagner, who is actually pretty well known here in Quebec and was hilarious! Pretty raw in his humour, saying a lot of pretty risky things but we laughed non-stop and though it was a risk to have this type of humour at an office party, it worked great and everyone was into it. 

I wore a black dress just above the knee with the sleeves and top of it with black dots and with black leggings. I accented the look with a skinny red belt, red heels and my nails done in a matte red with gold accent nail (the China Glaze polish from my Topbox). I was planning on having red lips too but I lost my Pari lip paint (from Topbox) the day of the event!! 

Here's the look: 


  • Precious Minerals BB cream (it really kept my skin looking nice, bright and even all night, even when I was super hot and without makeup would have been tomatoe-red)
  • Bit of blush and bronzor
  • Revlon lipstain (the one with the marker) in FLAME... Anyway, it kept my lips looking coloured though eating and everything, without coming off all over the place
  • Revlon lipstain and balm (the pencil one that looks like the Clinique and Tarte ones) in CHARM (I love this product, I have charm and honey, the more neutral ones and I wear them the most regularly of all my products)
  • Kohl I bought from Saudi Arabia on the top and bottom waterline (the powder kind you apply with a wand, I'll have to post about this)
  • Big of neutral eyeshadow
  • Bunch of mascara to the top and bottom lashes

They are a bit less bright in person than this. More or less the same colour as my belt. I was probably 6'1 with these on! lol