Saturday, November 17, 2012

Topbox: November 2012 Edition (ref:Box14)

I got my two remaining subscription boxes almost at the same time this month... And they had a lot of the same contents!

Here's a look at this month's TOPBOX: 

I got:

  • China Glaze full size polish called "I'm Not Lion"
    • This is A LOT like the nail polish I got in the Ipsy bag except without the longish green-blue bits. I think I like this better so I will gift the Nailtini one I think. 
  • Pari lip paint 4ml (full=5.5ml)
    • This is almost a full size item even if it's very small. I'm happy about trying out such a true red colour on my lips and even if I will definitely not wear this on a regular basis, it's kinda nice to have.
  • Benefit They're Real mascara 3g (full=8.5g)
    • Same exact thing as I got in my Ipsy bag. I will probably keep it as backup. I would probably not be able to get through a mini tube of mascara before it becomes too old anyway so really having this is the same to me as having a full size (with less waste). Hopefully I like it.
  • Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume sample 4ml
    • I'm not a perfume person but this smells really great and I will wear it. 


A pretty nice Topbox this month. I liked mine a lot last month too (loved the mask, loved the Vasanti scrub, enjoyed trying the Stila, stashed the shampoo and conditioner) so I am keeping the sub another month for sure :)

I'm really surprised about liking the perfume and really happy that I do. It's rare that a perfume sample will "make" a box. Normally I'd see it as a useless add-on but not this time. Good thing with the two "dupes".

If anyone wants to sub to Topbox, I would suggest using a referral link. I checked with a friend and she has a theory that people who use referral links get up the waiting list faster. I waited about 3-4 months (used a link) and she waited longer than I did to get her first box *after* me. I don't have my referral link since I'm doubting I'll stay on long enough to get 3 referrals for a free box but I could refer you to someone to be referred if you wanted! :)


  1. I got the same Topbox but I got Roberto Cavalli perfume sample instead.

  2. Almost forgot, having another giveaway!

  3. Got the same box! I'm in love with the nail polish! And perfume too! I'm not a Perfume girl, but that one, I like it!

    Just strange, I'm supposed to receive the Box22, a mistake at the "warehouse"! But, it's ok for me, I like all my new sample :)

    1. It's such a light scent I really love it unlike practically all perfumes. Honestly to me, knowing she does wedding dresses, it smells like the perfect beautiful, magical wedding.

  4. the glitter polish you received looks lovely!! that's an interesting theory about the referral link... i was wondering why some people seemed to have a shorter wait than others!

  5. hmm i didnt get a lip paint and mascara but instead a lotion, moisturizer and serum. sounds like i missed out on some makeup goodies!

  6. I got a few different things but I would have loved to receive the lip paint!

    1. I tried it quickly and loved the bright red colour! I don't know about the wear and long-term feel of it because I put it on for just a few minutes, but the colour and application was good for me.

  7. I totally must have I'm Not a Lion! I got Jungle Queen, which I guess makes sense because people often refer to me as Jungle Jayne ;-)