Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ola Hawaiian Body Products Cane Sugar Scrub IMPRESSIONS

I got a generous sample of the Ola Hawaiian Body Products Cane Sugar Scrub in my Sweet Delight Divalicious sample box in September and I have really been loving it! It reminds me a lot of the Dirt salt scrub I got as a sample in Glymm. They both smell simply amazing and have a similar texture that dissolves as it is rubbed on. They are both exfoliating and hydrating.

There are differences.

For the smell, I feel like the particular Dirt one I tried might have a slight advantage but it's not very important since preferences are so subjective and both brands offer different scrubs with different scents. I got Ola Vanilla Ginger scrub and Dirt was a Purify+Glow but had no name to the flavour like there is now on the Glymm website. I don't know if that's a recent change or not so I can't even really tell if they sell the same flavour I got as a sample...

For the "feel", I found the Dirt one kind of greasier than the Ola one (from memory), though it was definitely a nice moisturizing scrub. Still, I prefer Ola.

For the overall experience, there is a major advantage to the Ola scrub because of my eczema that is still acting up on my hand. Salt on it stings a lot and made for a pretty crappy experience for me.

For the price, Dirt sells 12oz containers for 45$ and Ola sells 8oz containers for 24$.
Dirt = 3.75$ per oz
Ola = 3.00$ per oz

I am really loving this Ola scrub and I am considering a purchase of the full size product. I would for sure highly recommend that anyone who enjoys these types of dissolving scrubs try them out!!! I can't imagine a person could have a flat out negative experience with this product. It's pleasant to use, smells so great but not overpowering, it's just a nice experience.


  1. great review... i remember the dirt scrub as being pretty oily but i still liked it. the ola one sounds really good!!

    1. I really liked the Dirt scrub too minus the pain... This one has no pain so I'm loving it!