Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 2012 Glossybox (Canada)

I got my Glossybox in the mail the other day. It was late since it was the wrong month AGAIN and I'd seen a bunch of other people getting it already. Getting it so late didn't make me very excited to write this post but here it is anyway!

I thought the box was good but I am still very glad to have cancelled. I would not want to have paid 21$ for it. The waiting and lateness took away from the experience and the box is not any better than when we were paying 15$ so it reinforces my decision to have cancelled.

Here's the box: 

I got:

- Gilette Venus + Olay razor

  • Another razor? It's a useful product to have and all, but it's not exciting and it's a bit soon for another razor in my box I find. 

- duo lip product by ModelCo

  • It's great to get this type of product but I don't love it that much. It's so huge and bulky... The colour is not "me". It's a bit too brown and makes me look too mature, lol. Still, I will make use of it sometimes. It's always a gamble with lip products though and I have to say that the last one, the Glossybox lipstick, was a HUGE winner for me and I wear it often. 

- Zoya nailpolish in Scarlet

  • I love this extremely sheer polish. I'm the type of girl who would put *just* a topcoat on my nails so this is like a much better alternative to that. It is a bit of a foggy clear colour. I find it a MNBB (my nails but better) type of polish.

- Jouviance 5ml sample

  • I'm really not excited about this because I've gotten a sample of their creams before. I have not tried the other one so this is a sample that will do nothing for a while. 

- Sebastian Trilliance shampoo + conditioner

  • Shampoo and conditioner samples don't really excite me at all and it's one of those products that I will use for sure but can't imagine having an amazing experience with. I simply don't have amazing experiences with shampoos and conditioner, it's a product category I don't care about. 


The razor is useful and has a worth, the Zoya polish is something I might've gotten for myself, the shampoo and condionner is useful and the ModelCo lip duo is something I was happy to try even if it's not as great as I wanted so overall, not a bad box at the 15$ price. Not great at the 21$ price though for me personally and I feel that my decision to cancel has been justified. I'm not at all disappointed with not getting next month's box. 


  1. I'm now living vicariously through you and your beauty boxes :) It's fun to read about what all you got and what you think.

  2. I hated the packaging of the flipstick. I thought it was bulky as well. Plus what is up with the useless mirror? I kept the box for this month to see what it would be like but I am pretty sure things will be cancelled at the end of the year. I like my Zoya polish and its a shade I will be using alot of.

  3. wow, this box sucks compared to most of the other ones - eeee! glad you cancelled, it's nice when a decision get confirmed eh? :-)

    1. Yep! I subbed to a new one (ipsy) and I'm keeping Topbox a while longer but overall I'm pretty sure I'll unsub to all of them at some point. It will soon become more stuff that I can use, lol

  4. we got the exact same box! i thought the dusk lipstick was too brown for my skintone too. i've already been charged for november and i have december as a free box... i think i might cancel after that. although there's a slight chance i'll stick around until january to see if they do anything for their 1 year anniversary box.

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  6. I've decided to keep GlossyBox for a little longer because I've always been happy with the products I've received. I'm not very happy with Topbox at the moment though *sighs*

    New follower, Follow back?