Friday, November 16, 2012

Ipsy November 2012 (Canada)

We in Canada did not receive the exact same box as our friends in the USA... They got a Benefit lip gloss sample that we were excluded from... I don't know the reason. This subscription is at its first month of availabilty in Canada for 10$+4.95$ shipping.

Here's what I got:

I got:

*bonus is a makeup brush in a pink case. I find it looks real cheap.

  • Benefit "They're Real" mini mascara
    • I didn't get my Topbox yet but this product is in a whole lot of them this month... At least it's a highly recommended mascara.
  • Starlet Cosmetics eyeliner pencil (chocolate brown)
    • Nice product to try but not really my style. If I wear eyeliner, I go with black.
  • theBALM "Meet Matte" in a dark brown colour
    • This is my type of eyeshadow, though I don't wear shadow often. Matte and neutral. I will be able to use this with other shadows from my new Quo Back to Basics palette (Naked dupe).
  • eclos anti-aging cream of some kind
    • I'm skeptical about the plant stem cells and their real effect but I tried this cream and really like it a lot. It's very moisturizing for me and actually I found out today I shouldn't use it with my more moisturizing BB cream because it's just too much together. Nice texture and feel though and overall I really like this.
  • Nailtini nail polish
    • I love this polish because I love goldenish glitters. It's very nice, fine gold glitter with longish green+blue glitter pieces. It's a total dupe for Sandy by Tokidoki and it looks a lot like what some are getting in this month's Topbox by China Glaze. See more detailed picture below:


I like this box well enough. I'm going through a bit of a down latley and it's making me not be excited about any of it but that has little to do with the contents of the box which are at the very least comparable and maybe (probably) better than other services.
I feel like cancelling them both (this and Topbox) but I'll keep them for December and decide when I find my old self again.


  1. This bag looks pretty good, though I'm not sure if I want to subscribe to them. I'm subscribed to Topbox and I haven't received this month's yet, but they seem pretty good. I wish they could partner with theBalm though, which is one brand ipsy has that I love.

    1. It's 14.95$ USD so it's a bit more expensive than Topbox and to me, similar in quality of the content so far. More makeup oriented though and they seem to give 5 samples instead of the 4 regular ones by Topbox. Overall I see justification for me to pay a couple dollars more for now.

  2. I think this is a pretty cool bag! I agree, that polish is awesome! You are so lucky you got yours, I'm still waiting on mine.

  3. Isnt the Quo Back to Basics palette awesome! I picked one up right away and now most of the shoppers around me are sold out! Such a versatile palette and almost an exact dupe.

    :) Chelsey

    1. Yeah, I saw a review on a blog and when I saw it in my Pharmaprix, I just got it right away!

  4. i like the nail polish.waitng for your review of they r the way seems like you r bsy post in so long

    1. I will post something but I'm not opening it yet since I have a sample and a full size mascara already open!

  5. sorry to hear you're going through a down phase... i often get like that in the winter. if you want to "chat" do feel free to e-mail me!

    the eye shadow would have definitely been my favourite item in the bag... i've been very curious about the meet matt(e) palette and considered picking it up a few times! the nail polish looks so pretty. i read in one of the ipsy previews that the lip balm would not be available to canadian subscribers but there was no reason stated... that would have been a good product to try.

  6. i love the little TheBalm eyeshadow ! such a cute sample size.
    i hope you feel better soon candice!

    1. Yes, it's really adorable and I love the dark brown matteness of it lol

  7. Mine is coming tomorrow since there was some issue with finding my buzzer number, but I am a little sad that it's different than our American counterparts :( I look forward the eye shadow though!

    I have been under a lot of stress lately and have felt out of sorts lately as well, so I hope you feel better soon.