Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lip Tar in Memento IMPRESSIONS

I ordered from Sephora's recently (BTW, to any interested, it was shipped MUCH faster than last time and was very reasonable as far as delay. MUCH MUCH improved) and one of the items that I ordered is an OCC lip tar (MEMENTO)
This is a very *hot* product lately, with everyone raving crazy about how opaque and pigmented it is with great wear time. Here are my impressions with my lip tar:
Memento is a very neutral shade. I find it very beautiful but it's certainly not a show stopper type of colour, it's just nice. It's "me". They have some of the most amazing shades for people who are more adventurous than me. Actually, they have a colours all the way to blue and yellow!
The product comes in a small plastic pouch with a little brush.


The product is a bit more work than I normally put into a lip product. Since I choose neutral shades, I don't have to be very careful about application normally since it's close to my natural lip colour. Though this shade too is very natural, it's a bit trickier to apply since it's easy to put too much. The good thing is though that you really only need the tiniest amount of product! It's quite impressive.
I loved the look it gave. It felt nice on the lips. It lasted long enough and did not look all weird as it was coming off (from drinking, etc).
I would definitely recommend this product to a person, but I'm sure it's more impressive and "worth it" in a bit of a brighter shade. In this very neutral shade and for a very low-maintenance type of person, this is a bit too complicated for application and it makes it not be an immediate morning go-to product.
Bottom line: Highly recommended for a lip product lover for its pigmented shades, not as much for a very low-mainenance, neutral, no-touch-ups kind of girl.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quo Back to Basics + Tarina Tarantino Lip Sheen

These two products should belong in a different post since I did not get them at the same place at all (pharmacy vs Sephora's) but I used them both in the same picture so I will show them both together. 

Here's the Quo Back to Basics palette that I got for 25$. It's considered an Urban Decay Naked dupe but I don't own UD Naked and I'm not an eye-shadow expert (I'm less than amateur actually!) I'm finally starting to experiment a tiny bit with eyeshadows because of this palette though and I'm enjoying it!

The Tarina Tarantino conditioning lip sheen I got from Sephora is below. They're not selling Tarino Tarantino anymore but she will start selling cosmetics on her website soon. 
I love the packaging. A heavy, quality-feeling tube. The shade I got is called Floriculture and it's a pretty intense red with purpley feel too somehow. Anyway, it's way more than what I would normally wear on my lips and I'm not sure how much regular wear I will get out of this, but I have so many lip products now that even my "daily wear" shades are not actually getting daily wear! lol 
My makeup stash is getting pretty saturated with products of all kids. I will have to post about my stash 6 months later very soon. 

I freakin' love this packaging!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Topbox: November 2012 Edition (ref:Box14)

I got my two remaining subscription boxes almost at the same time this month... And they had a lot of the same contents!

Here's a look at this month's TOPBOX: 

I got:

  • China Glaze full size polish called "I'm Not Lion"
    • This is A LOT like the nail polish I got in the Ipsy bag except without the longish green-blue bits. I think I like this better so I will gift the Nailtini one I think. 
  • Pari lip paint 4ml (full=5.5ml)
    • This is almost a full size item even if it's very small. I'm happy about trying out such a true red colour on my lips and even if I will definitely not wear this on a regular basis, it's kinda nice to have.
  • Benefit They're Real mascara 3g (full=8.5g)
    • Same exact thing as I got in my Ipsy bag. I will probably keep it as backup. I would probably not be able to get through a mini tube of mascara before it becomes too old anyway so really having this is the same to me as having a full size (with less waste). Hopefully I like it.
  • Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume sample 4ml
    • I'm not a perfume person but this smells really great and I will wear it. 


A pretty nice Topbox this month. I liked mine a lot last month too (loved the mask, loved the Vasanti scrub, enjoyed trying the Stila, stashed the shampoo and conditioner) so I am keeping the sub another month for sure :)

I'm really surprised about liking the perfume and really happy that I do. It's rare that a perfume sample will "make" a box. Normally I'd see it as a useless add-on but not this time. Good thing with the two "dupes".

If anyone wants to sub to Topbox, I would suggest using a referral link. I checked with a friend and she has a theory that people who use referral links get up the waiting list faster. I waited about 3-4 months (used a link) and she waited longer than I did to get her first box *after* me. I don't have my referral link since I'm doubting I'll stay on long enough to get 3 referrals for a free box but I could refer you to someone to be referred if you wanted! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ipsy November 2012 (Canada)

We in Canada did not receive the exact same box as our friends in the USA... They got a Benefit lip gloss sample that we were excluded from... I don't know the reason. This subscription is at its first month of availabilty in Canada for 10$+4.95$ shipping.

Here's what I got:

I got:

*bonus is a makeup brush in a pink case. I find it looks real cheap.

  • Benefit "They're Real" mini mascara
    • I didn't get my Topbox yet but this product is in a whole lot of them this month... At least it's a highly recommended mascara.
  • Starlet Cosmetics eyeliner pencil (chocolate brown)
    • Nice product to try but not really my style. If I wear eyeliner, I go with black.
  • theBALM "Meet Matte" in a dark brown colour
    • This is my type of eyeshadow, though I don't wear shadow often. Matte and neutral. I will be able to use this with other shadows from my new Quo Back to Basics palette (Naked dupe).
  • eclos anti-aging cream of some kind
    • I'm skeptical about the plant stem cells and their real effect but I tried this cream and really like it a lot. It's very moisturizing for me and actually I found out today I shouldn't use it with my more moisturizing BB cream because it's just too much together. Nice texture and feel though and overall I really like this.
  • Nailtini nail polish
    • I love this polish because I love goldenish glitters. It's very nice, fine gold glitter with longish green+blue glitter pieces. It's a total dupe for Sandy by Tokidoki and it looks a lot like what some are getting in this month's Topbox by China Glaze. See more detailed picture below:


I like this box well enough. I'm going through a bit of a down latley and it's making me not be excited about any of it but that has little to do with the contents of the box which are at the very least comparable and maybe (probably) better than other services.
I feel like cancelling them both (this and Topbox) but I'll keep them for December and decide when I find my old self again.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 2012 Glossybox (Canada)

I got my Glossybox in the mail the other day. It was late since it was the wrong month AGAIN and I'd seen a bunch of other people getting it already. Getting it so late didn't make me very excited to write this post but here it is anyway!

I thought the box was good but I am still very glad to have cancelled. I would not want to have paid 21$ for it. The waiting and lateness took away from the experience and the box is not any better than when we were paying 15$ so it reinforces my decision to have cancelled.

Here's the box: 

I got:

- Gilette Venus + Olay razor

  • Another razor? It's a useful product to have and all, but it's not exciting and it's a bit soon for another razor in my box I find. 

- duo lip product by ModelCo

  • It's great to get this type of product but I don't love it that much. It's so huge and bulky... The colour is not "me". It's a bit too brown and makes me look too mature, lol. Still, I will make use of it sometimes. It's always a gamble with lip products though and I have to say that the last one, the Glossybox lipstick, was a HUGE winner for me and I wear it often. 

- Zoya nailpolish in Scarlet

  • I love this extremely sheer polish. I'm the type of girl who would put *just* a topcoat on my nails so this is like a much better alternative to that. It is a bit of a foggy clear colour. I find it a MNBB (my nails but better) type of polish.

- Jouviance 5ml sample

  • I'm really not excited about this because I've gotten a sample of their creams before. I have not tried the other one so this is a sample that will do nothing for a while. 

- Sebastian Trilliance shampoo + conditioner

  • Shampoo and conditioner samples don't really excite me at all and it's one of those products that I will use for sure but can't imagine having an amazing experience with. I simply don't have amazing experiences with shampoos and conditioner, it's a product category I don't care about. 


The razor is useful and has a worth, the Zoya polish is something I might've gotten for myself, the shampoo and condionner is useful and the ModelCo lip duo is something I was happy to try even if it's not as great as I wanted so overall, not a bad box at the 15$ price. Not great at the 21$ price though for me personally and I feel that my decision to cancel has been justified. I'm not at all disappointed with not getting next month's box. 

Ola Hawaiian Body Products Cane Sugar Scrub IMPRESSIONS

I got a generous sample of the Ola Hawaiian Body Products Cane Sugar Scrub in my Sweet Delight Divalicious sample box in September and I have really been loving it! It reminds me a lot of the Dirt salt scrub I got as a sample in Glymm. They both smell simply amazing and have a similar texture that dissolves as it is rubbed on. They are both exfoliating and hydrating.

There are differences.

For the smell, I feel like the particular Dirt one I tried might have a slight advantage but it's not very important since preferences are so subjective and both brands offer different scrubs with different scents. I got Ola Vanilla Ginger scrub and Dirt was a Purify+Glow but had no name to the flavour like there is now on the Glymm website. I don't know if that's a recent change or not so I can't even really tell if they sell the same flavour I got as a sample...

For the "feel", I found the Dirt one kind of greasier than the Ola one (from memory), though it was definitely a nice moisturizing scrub. Still, I prefer Ola.

For the overall experience, there is a major advantage to the Ola scrub because of my eczema that is still acting up on my hand. Salt on it stings a lot and made for a pretty crappy experience for me.

For the price, Dirt sells 12oz containers for 45$ and Ola sells 8oz containers for 24$.
Dirt = 3.75$ per oz
Ola = 3.00$ per oz

I am really loving this Ola scrub and I am considering a purchase of the full size product. I would for sure highly recommend that anyone who enjoys these types of dissolving scrubs try them out!!! I can't imagine a person could have a flat out negative experience with this product. It's pleasant to use, smells so great but not overpowering, it's just a nice experience.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Julep November Box

I accidentally bought the monthly Julep box for November. OOPS. When I saw the choices, I found them interesting (never tried a suede finish) and when I saw my daughter's name, Nora,  in there, I decided to think about it for a day before skipping. Well, I forgot and here I am with a box. Not even the box with the Nora polish in it LOL

Here are the contents: 

I got:

- Amber, a goldenish suede
- Brit, a dark grey suede
- Pink grapefruit body frosting
- bonus: 3 packets of one-step polish remover pads

You may have noticed my polish describing skills have gone way down since my other posts... Well, I usually take the description from the website and now I can't find it. hahaha

Here's a picture of how whipped that body cream really is and I tried it and really enjoyed the smell and feeling of it. Very nice and I'm super happy to have it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


After Aleksandra shared her beauty sample box annual spending and asked the question, I've been wondering how much I've spent! I've been "at it" for almost 6 months so this is a perfect time to make a total and see if I need to reduce drastically or if I'm in an OK range or what.

So let's see: 

Glymm: 3 boxes, now cancelled = 35.40$
Glossybox: 5 months, now cancelled = 75$
Topbox: 2 boxes (this includes November, the 6th month of my addiction to beauty boxes) = 22.60$
The Natural Beauty Box (paid for October which glitched and will end up being November and bonus December) = 21$
Sweet Delight Divalicious (September) = 26$
Julep: 3 boxes paid + add-on = 65$
Ipsy (will get November) = 14.95$

TOTAL: 259.95$ for 6 months

I'm not terribly upset with this amount but it's still a lot for what we could say are samples and random products I didn't flat-out choose. To think I've spent 65$ on Julep when I would not have chosen most of the colours I got and I probably would be happier with 5 colours that I really love and chose myself rather than 10 that I just got from the box. I still feel I got really good value out of Julep because of referrals and products that came with boxes which I use more than the polishes themselves. I also feel I got good value out of all the other boxes and I don't regret any of them, I'm just feeling like it's a little too much to have spent on samples. 

Now that I've been getting these boxes for a little while, I've been able to try a lot of different brands and a lot of products I didn't normally use at all like certain make ups, primers, more natural brands, some high end brands, lots of nail polishes, even hair products.

Overall, I've been having a great experience with the beauty boxes but I definitely want to be keeping my next 6 months way under 259$! If I keep Topbox and Ipsy for those 6 months, I'll be around 175$ which is reasonable. Knowing this in advance, I know that I'd be OK buying one extra box like Sweet Delight or Natural Beauty Box or a soap box, but NOT subbing to BB5 like I've been thinking, unless I unsub from one of the other two. It's really nice to plan in advance, now I just need to stick to it! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yay, Sephora Order!

I didn't have a fantastic first experience with Sephora online because it was just so freakin' unbelievably slow to Canada! But really, I couldn't deny that other than the crazy amount of time it takes to get an order, it's pretty good because of the bonuses. 

I felt a need to put an order through since it's my birthday time of year and I was not going to go to a real-life Sephora store to get the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo. Basically I had until today to make that order or I lost this gift - and I'd been wanting to try it! 

I ordered: 

- OCC lip tar (Memento)
- Sephora by OPI It's Real 19K Gold Top Coat
- Tarina Tarantino conditioning lip sheen (Floriculture)


- birthday freebie (Fresh lip duo)
- 3 samples
- 9-piece mini kit (In the Glow)

For a total of 50$+ tax and shipping = 60$
For American readers, this isn't that great but we basically have a 20% mark-up so... yeah 

Click HERE to see the It Kit options. I think it's a really nice bonus to have on your order!