Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Sweet Delight Divalicious Samples Impressions

I've been trying my Sweet Delight Divalicious box samples lately and thought I would give you guys some impressions of some of the products I have been trying. The products that have a star beside them are ones I really recommend you try it out as well and the name is linked to their site.

**********Simply Natural, 4 products

I am LOVING these products and will try to make a more detailed post about it when I finish my whole samples. The cleansing milk is unbelievably gentle. A normal makeup face for me is BB cream with some lipstick so I normally don't feel the need for intense cleansing so this is PERFECT. The rich cream is also just perfect for my combination-dry skin and smells nice. A bit sweet but also a bit foresty somehow; weird but I love it. It's a bit like the Cyberderm PM anti-age for me but less intense in smell. It absorbs perfectly into my skin. The Mycellium cream is a lot like the rich cream but a bit lighter, smells a bit more intense which is a bit much for me but the way it absorbs makes me like using it. I still need to try the toner.

*********Bee's Knees buttercream frosting shimmer stick

I LOVE this. It leaves a nice but delicate shimmer on my lips and smells so YUMMY. It's perfectly creamy and feels amazing on the lips. I loved the effect of it over my fading Revlon lip balm stain or any fading lip product and this has been the balm I put on while I'm working at my desk towards the middle of the day because I'm not a lipstick re-applier. I really recommend you encourage this brand of handcrafted products and try this or something else out which I'm planning on doing sometime.

little soap (I will edit later with the brand name, I forget...)

Smelled really great but in the shower it just didn't do anything special and it didn't smell strong enough to give me aromatic pleasure. It was ordinary.

Feminine Charms body butter

This stuff is so freakin thick! I used way too much the first time because I didn't know how concentrated and thick it was and I had a second where I literally wondered if I was supposed to be putting this on my skin. It was so gross and sticky and greasy. I thought maybe I'd mixed up body cream with crisco. I tried it a second time putting much less and found it was much better but so much rubbing to warm it up enough and still did not feel awesome for me. Smelled good, but overall I really disliked my experience and I don't want to try again.

Amadeya body butter

My experience with this was better than with the FC one I wrote about above, but I just didn't love it. It smelled a lot like the It's a Slice shower gel by Cake, like orange and vanilla dessert, but honestly, it didn't smell *as* good as the Cake one and the cream felt too thick and heavy.


  1. I am so disappointed that I forgot to order this box this time around!! :( I loved the last one. I'd just been going through so many difficult things it wasn't on my mind. I'd love if you could get some pics up..I know it's a ton of stuff!

  2. So jealous! I tried to get a box but I waited 2 hours and missed the sale :( I can't believe they sold out that quick. I put it on my calendar for the next sale!! Too bad the body butter didn't work out well. I have found an amazing body butter, I stumbled on when I was in the States. I don't know if you have heard of Trader Joes but it is a fantastic grocery store chain that sells a lot of organic stuff. Well anyways they just released a new body butter with coconut which is AWESOME, and best part $4.99 for a big tub of it :)

    1. Sounds like a really cool store. I don't know it though and we don't have any here...

  3. Thanks for updating with info about the individual products. I've been trying to decide whether to buy the next box, and it helps to see what the products are like.