Thursday, October 11, 2012

Past Glossybox Communications + my Decision

OK, Glossybox is dramatically increasing their subscription prices starting in October (or November for previously subscribed Glossies) as I wrote yesterday. I was on-board with giving them a chance to prove that the service was worth 40% extra before making a decision on whether or not I would keep my sub but I have just UNSUBSCRIBED officially. 

I would invite you to read THIS POST (CLICK) by Ellesy of Petite Pear Style to read her communications with Glossybox about the price increase. 

You will notice: 

  • They are increasing to 21$ to have what they call "North America-wide pricing" but write that they are a "separate entity" and we're not going to get the same samples so this confirms that the whole NA-wide pricing thing is bogus. 
  • They do not answer the questions clearly and try to give trick-ish politician-like responses instead of direct, honest, complete answers. 

Read the comment by "robin anderson" on that post to see what pushed me to make the decision to cancel. She really just brought to the surface everything that I was kind of thinking and feeling about them and added it all together.

I had a little issue with them that I put behind me after it happened because of the way it was resolved but now that I see that this has happened with other customers for all sorts of other reasons, I wanted to share. It's a small thing but the way it was handled really put me in a bad mood as you will soon see if you feel the need to read on. Basically, them treating their customers like gullable idiots is making me unsubscribe and in August I felt I was treated like that (I also make reference to another situation where we were treated like idiots). 


Candice wrote:


I received my Glossybox today and I'm pretty pleased with it so thank you for that. The only thing is that on my product card, it says that I should have a full sized (50ml) John Frieda Firss-Ease Xtra Strength Serum worth 14.99$ but what I have is a 24ml sample.

Is the error on my product card or in my box? This difference would add over 7$ of worth to mybox. To see what I got, here is the link to my blog post and I have a picture of it:

AUG 07, 2012  |  08:41AM EDT
name replied:

Hi Candice, the product card in the GlossyBox states the sizes that can be purchased at store level, and not the size that is in the GlossyBox.

Customer Relationship Manager

AUG 08, 2012  |  05:51PM EDT 
Candice replied:

I really don't appreciate this response AT ALL. When your card writes "FULL
SIZE!" beside the description of products, it's to indicate that this is a
full sized item in our box and not a sample. It was written beside the Zoya
polish, the Dove body wash and the Frizz-Ease product but not the others
(which came in sample sizes). Last month, it was written beside the 4
full-sized products (cleanser, razor, flipstick and hairspray) and not the
two products that came in sample size.

I'm giving you another chance to tell me if the product card had an error
in it or if my box did before I unsubscribe for this trick-response
attempting to make me seem like I don't know how to read a product card.

This is the second strike after I saw a response on the
Facebook page blaming the lateness of the June box because of Canada Day
which was really insulting towards customers who know that Canada Day is on
JULY 1st and so would not affect a box that was supposed to be there BEFORE
this date!

Thank you for an HONEST response that does not take me for a freakin fool!

AUG 09, 2012  |  05:28PM EDT 
name replied:

Hello Again Candice,

I have just heard back from our marketing team (after asking them to look at it all over again) and as it turns out this was a editing error on the card. Also, sorry for the response previously which was short sighted, I have been eagerly explaining to other customers that the size and price that is stated on the card is the size and price that is in-store.

I hope that this response has not "taken you for a . ."

Customer Relationship Manager


  1. They have done the same thing with me in the past! They write sarcastic and sometimes rude remarks and think that we wont take it that way. I really think that Glossy believes they are Gods gift to the beauty subscription commmunity so they can treat their subscribers like idiots. I am unsubscribing for good after Octobers Box. I have given them too many chances and they have failed me over and over again.

    I hope that extra $6 a month will buy them some employees with class and manners!


  2. wow, as a paying consumer, you do not deserve this.

  3. That ruffles my feathers! Sorry you had to experience that :(

  4. i'm surprised glossybox actually admitted to making an error... i've never seen that before. even with the september glossybox, when the card included both wella products on it, the official excuse was that they wanted subscribers to see what everyone else got, which makes no sense at all! i think we only get a straight response when we back glossybox into a corner and that is very discouraging.

  5. Oh boy.. These sample box companies are a mystery. I love that you stand behind your integrity and values! I'm so weak and can't resist boxes of goodness at my door. :(

  6. Hasn't changed since they started in Feb.. :P

    1. I cancelled cause of there attitude towards customers, lateness, sucky boxs & well I won't get started.

  7. I've been tempted to email them because just a few days before they sent the email out, I redeemed my Glossy points for a free box, so I'm missing out on the $15 last box. I doubt they'd extend that price for November but it would at least make me consider staying for December too.

    1. It's worth a try. I know others were having the same issue but I can't remember what they got as a response...

  8. Wow! This so sad. I was thinking of joining but one thing I don't like is bad customer service

  9. With the power of social media, you'd think companies would care more about providing quality customer service...