Sunday, October 7, 2012

Past Beauty Box Products I NEED to Mention

Here are three products, one from each subscription box I've gotten that has really stood out and that I find worth a positive mention. 

Funny that I didn't really intend on choosing one per box and I didn't intend on choosing them from boxes that I got at the end of July, beginning of August, but that's what it ended up coming together! 


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra-Strength Serum (click HERE for July Glossybox post)
I have been using this on my daughter since I got the sample back in July's box (so basically, got it in August, 2 months ago) and I still have a little bit left of what was about half a full size product. A little goes a long way and it has really changed my daughter's hair into less frizzy, easier to de-tangle, more beautiful curly-wavy hair! I love the stuff and I will absolutely purchase this product for her! At this point, I wouldn't want to be without.


Cyberderm creams, you know, the ones in the oral syringes (click HERE for July Glymm post)
I really loved these creams like crazy and had an affair with them for 10 days before returning to my regular face cream. A lot of people were iffy on the packaging and a lot of people didn't like the smell of the anti-aging one and a lot of people liked but didn't go nuts for the other cream but I just loved it all. It was perfect for my skin, 0.5ml did my whole face so a little goes a long way and I liked the smell of them both. The packaging was great even if it was a bit creative because it allowed me to know exactly how much I used. Sadly, I did not and probably won't purchase, just because it didn't out-do the cream I already love. It was a fun 10 days.


Acetone-free nail polish remover by Julep (click HERE for August Julep post)
I was not at all excited about this product when I got it because I don't really care what removes my polish as long as it does the job BUT after using it a few times, I found that 1) this one-handed bottle design is awesome and so convenient, 2) it actually removes it better and 3) it smells almost good during removal and after removal when the more stinky ingredients have evaporated, my hands actually do smell good. So I'm really loving this and since I don't paint my nails all that often and when I do I try to keep it a while, it will last me a long time, especially considering I have a back-up from my products mystery box. 

What do you guys think of these products? Anyone else feel the same way about these three? 


  1. love this post!

    i think i received a different john frieda product (i got the sheer solution) but i actually really like it. i'm nearly done the sample and i'm thinking about buying the full size.

    as for the julep nail polish remover, i was excited to receive it because i wanted the pump bottle. then i was pleasantly surprised to find that i really loved the remover itself. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! I like reading quick little thoughts on various products so I thought writing them could be useful. I really enjoy the things you have to say about products in your unboxing posts : )