Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Improved! Eye Makeup with "Crooked" Eyes feat. Stila sampler palette FOTD

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So I HAD to take a picture of the decent job I did with makeup yesterday especially after sharing with you the horrible job I did last time I tried to do something with eye shadows. Now, it's not impressive, it's probably not even decent for most of you, but for me, this is eye shadow SUCCESS!

I was thinking to myself though when I saw the picture that my eyes sure are weirdly crooked when they're closed. I don't know why - it doesn't show when they're open, does it? Yes, I made a gif to better be able to compare closed and open. haha


FOTD products: 

Marcelle BB cream
bit of drugstore home brand bronzor on cheeks
Lippy Girl blush in Tongue in Cheek

Revlon lip butter in sweet tart, put on heavier than normal

The second look on the paper sampler palette In the Light from October Topbox
Prestige Biggest Lashes mascara (the pink tube)
Layla glitter mascara (see bottom pic to see the effect a little) - from August Glossybox Canada

We can see the glitter mascara a little on the right eye especially. This is the same look as above, different lighting.


  1. I don't see the 'weirdly crooked' at all! Very nice job,it looks great. Love the gif!

  2. i don't really notice the crooked eyes either! great job with the shadows. i've used my "palette" a few times too and i really like it. the animated gif is really cool... i like it a lot! :) i tried to do one for my twitter profile pic a while ago but it wouldn't upload.

  3. How are your eyes crooked? I don't even notice! I think you look beautiful and your hair getting long!

    1. It must be because I have never showed a picture of myself with my hair down because I just got it cut Wednesday and lost maybe 2 inches off the length so it's actually shorter. I lost a whole lot more hair than that though because she did some crazy layering but it's so much more wearable now and I'm loving that.