Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Makeup Look

I'm pretty proud of myself today with my makeup. It's nothing fantastic, but for me, wow. lol

I used the blackish greyish colour from my new Quo Back to Basics palette to make the eyelids with a dab of L'Oreal Infalliable bluey grey. I used my Saudi Arabian powder kohl for the waterline... I used eyeliner for the tears. Concealer over my lips with my sweet tart lip butter. I wish I had some brighter lip colours but this is the brightest I own. I used the marker part of my Revlon lip stain to make the hearts under the tears... That's about it! (BB cream, bit of blush, mascara)

It's not impressive to say this, but this is my best ever makeup look! :D It's actually encouraging me to try new things day to day for eye shadows which I've been so far always hesitant to do. It took Halloween to get me to try something! 

And here is a rainbow from yesterday. Probably the best rainbow I've ever seen in my life - incredible! I'm all WOW, AMAZING, WOAH these days.

Monday, October 29, 2012

WE HAVE A WINNER! Announcement

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. 58 people entered my giveaway with a total of 191 entries total and the winner was picked after carefully handwriting everyone's entry and picking from a well mixed up bag. 

I made a file with everyone's entries and printed it off. I cut papers in equal size and wrote every single entry on there. Those with 4-5 entries got a number instead of writing out the full name and each entry was noted as G (GFC following), S (sharing) or C (comment)

I put all the entries in a bag during my break this afternoon

I picked a winner after mixing up the names for a good while. My co-worker took the picture.

And here is what I pulled out! 21 S! Her share was valid and she has officially won!

Congratulations to KATE aka "Mistake" who has been contacted already and has responded. Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope to do it again sometime!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WANTS - Physician Formula Ultra Smoothing Cashmere Wear Blush

(I'm so excited for tomorrow)

Onto the post:

I just find this blush so freakin' cute. I love the brightness of the colour and the darker strip in the middle too. I just want this blush in my tiny collection. I saw it a couple times and didn't get it though - I've been using incredible self restraint and I'm being super reasonable ;)

Isn't this the cutest blush though?! They have a similarly packaged bronzer too.

I Improved! Eye Makeup with "Crooked" Eyes feat. Stila sampler palette FOTD

A reminder before I start today's post. THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!! 5-piece set of Barielle polishes and 2 full sized Neutrogena products with some sort of bonus(es) thrown in. CLICK TO GO TO THAT POST.
(At this point, if you enter in the 3 ways for 5 chances, you've got 1 in 36 chances to win so very good odds)

So I HAD to take a picture of the decent job I did with makeup yesterday especially after sharing with you the horrible job I did last time I tried to do something with eye shadows. Now, it's not impressive, it's probably not even decent for most of you, but for me, this is eye shadow SUCCESS!

I was thinking to myself though when I saw the picture that my eyes sure are weirdly crooked when they're closed. I don't know why - it doesn't show when they're open, does it? Yes, I made a gif to better be able to compare closed and open. haha


FOTD products: 

Marcelle BB cream
bit of drugstore home brand bronzor on cheeks
Lippy Girl blush in Tongue in Cheek

Revlon lip butter in sweet tart, put on heavier than normal

The second look on the paper sampler palette In the Light from October Topbox
Prestige Biggest Lashes mascara (the pink tube)
Layla glitter mascara (see bottom pic to see the effect a little) - from August Glossybox Canada

We can see the glitter mascara a little on the right eye especially. This is the same look as above, different lighting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Order - Not the Best First Impression was having a promotion for free international shipping on all orders over 29$ USD so I took advantage of that since I've seen it being recommended online and it's my birthday time of year (it was on the 20th). I ordered some masks but didn't go 29$ worth of mask-crazy so I had 2 co-workers order with me.

I got an email a couple days later saying 1 item was not in stock... I had to reimburse my co-worker.

I got another email after the weekend saying that 5 other things were not in stock!!! So I had to reimburse that co-worker the rest of her order plus the other co-worker her entire order and I won't be getting part of mine.

BOO on them for being so disorganized! I've never had this type of thing happen to me ever!

They sent me a coupon code for the trouble but didn't say what I would get with this coupon code so it doesn't tell me much about how sorry they are, but at least they did something and they are still shipping out what is left of my order for free even if after all the out of stock items, a 60$ order is now under their 29$ free shipping limit. It's actually only like 15$ after everything that was out of stock!

They are still going strong with their free shipping promotion but I really don't want to even try to shop there again at this time because it's so sucky to look through so many products and finally pick things and start looking forward to getting it to be told it's not happening. What's the use really?

Has anyone else ordered recently and had that happen? Or does anyone have good history with them and their service they'd like to share to counter-balance what has so far not been a great experience?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MaskerAide Detox Diva Sheet Mask REVIEW

I got the MaskerAide Detox Diva sheet mask in this month's Topbox (see full post HERE) and this was the most exciting thing for me in that box, so much that I tried it on that same night. I normally take a couple days to "process" my samples. I don't know why but it takes me all sorts of energy to mentally process the new samples that I have to try and figure out a game plan on when to use them and how to get the most out of them. I'm kind of weird about this stuff AND I have mom-brain which makes everything harder to think about. But this mask - I used it  THE SAME DAY :)

It's not glamorous:

But it's Oh-So worth it!

Application and general "feel"

It's completely soaked in serum-like liquid when it comes out which is great. It was tricky to unfold the mask but not frustratingly so and it sticks on the face super-well because of how wet it is. This is like a slippery type of wet but not gooey... There was excess serum on my hands after putting on the mask which I used on my neck and chest as suggested.

The stuff felt a little bit sticky as it was absorbing and drying but once my skin was dry it was just soft with no trace of excess stickiness. 


My skin felt so freakin' supple and soft after this mask and the feeling still exists 2 days later. I would say this product is a WINNER based on that. I seriously have not felt my skin this soft in a very long time and I'm really very impressed with this mask.

Additional benefit was that I still had some serum left in the packet which I kept and was able to use today to keep the mask's effects going. :D

Bottom line: An easy-to-use, no mess, no hassle AND very effective mask to help skin become more even, hydrated, supple and soft. 

October 2012 Topbox unboxing

Before the post, a small reminder to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY fora chance at winning 5 Barielle nail polishes and 2 full sized Neutrogena products! Open internationally. Click HERE :D

I was so excited to receive this last week but then I found out that they didn't get it to Canada Post by the cut-off and I had to wait until Monday. It's really tough waiting a whole weekend in anticipation!

I'm pleased with my contents. I couldn't use the phrase "blown away" like I wish I could because it's just not that type of package content-wise but it was solid for me.

Here are the contents of the October 2012 Topbox (cylinder):

From the left, I got:

  • MaskerAide sheet mask called Detox Diva (Cleanse, Exfoliate & Detoxify)
  • Vasanti BrightenUp! enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (20g)
  • Aveda invati solutions for thinning hair exfoliating shampoo and thickening conditioner (10ml each)
  • Stila sampler palette (one-time use type sample on a card)
  • OH and I forgot to take a picture of it because I can't find it but on the product card it says we can get a 3-piece Lise Watier sample kit from Shopper's Drug Mart. We don't have that in Quebec so... Not gonna happen for me. Pharmaprix is linked to them but I called and they didn't have any idea of this coupon and no 3-piece Lise Watier sample anyway.

My thoughts: 

The MaskerAide sheet mask is the best sample of the bunch for me. I love masks and I've been wanting to try this brand. I find the retail price of 4.99$ too much for me to want to buy regularly even if it's awesome but I would have paid that price for at least one time to know how good it is and have the experience of using this mask.

I used it the same day I got my Topbox and I have a small review coming up!

The Vasanti BrightenUp! prdoduct is the second-best sample for me because it's a decent size and seems to be something interesting. It's a cleanser-like product that should brighten up dull complexion. Said to be good for all skin types.

The Aveda shampoo and conditioner are interesting... I never thought of myself as having thinning hair but it's not super thick so this product could be useful and I appreciate sending some shampoo AND some conditioner. BUT it's 10ml each which is good for 1 or 2 washings and it wouldn't be enough for me to know if I want to buy or not. Kind of defeats the purpose of the box samples. I was so much more pleased with the Glymm shampoo and conditioner samples last month than this (see HERE for that post).

The sampler palette of Stila eyeshadows (In the Light) are basically one-use but at least you get the whole palette to try as it's sold in stores. I think this fulfills the goal of trying a product to know if we want to purchase the full size but it's a cardboard sampler so it seems like less than what should be a DELUXE sample.

Still, the sampler is much better for me than getting one colour in larger quantity since it will allow me to make a couple complete looks and allow me to try a couple of Stila's matte shadows. I wish I got the fully matte palette since that's the one I've had my eye on, but this one has a couple still. So even if it's the weaker sample in a lot of ways, it's still a winner for me.

Final thoughts

I'm a mix of disappointed and perfectly satisfied. lol

All the products are something I'm happy to try but it didn't blow me away and 2 of the 4 products have borderline not deluxe samples... I'm happy to say that I'm not "threatening" to unsub like I have pretty much all subscriptions lately. Well, I haven't been threatening only, I really did unsub to Glymm last month and Glossybox this month. Thankfully I got Divalicious to keep me going and will be getting the Natural Beauty Box very shortly! And the final month of Glossy too...

What did you guys think of your Topbox this month?

Monday, October 15, 2012

My first GIVEAWAY! Barielle polish + Neutrogena duo

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and welcome to everyone who is here for the first time. I hope you will enjoy my blog!

This is my first giveaway and I'm so excited to give back in thanks to everyone for supporting this hobby of mine that I have been having so much fun with in the past months since I started. The beauty blogging community is so great really and way more than I expected when I started this little blog of mine.

The giveaway open to everyone INTERNATIONALLY.

The prizes are: 

A 5-polish collection by Barielle called New York Style: 

Shades are: Big Apple Red, Central Park, Soho at Night, Fifth Avenue Boutique and Greenwich Village

Neutrogena Naturals fresh cleansing and make-up remover AND Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover:

There could be other little goodies included which remain to be determined! :) 

To enter:

You need to leave me a comment confirming these entries. It can be all in one comment or multiple ones, I will check them myself and individually note the entries to pick from a "hat". 

1) You need to follow me with GFC for 1 entry. Leave me your name and email addy please. 
2) You have the option of sharing this giveaway for 3 extra entries (you can share in one or all of these ways and I very much appreciate every single share but I will only give 3 extra entries total to allow people who are less active in social media a decent chance): 
                   - Do a blog post - give me the link
                   - Share publicly on your blog FB page or personal account - give me the link
                   - Share on Twitter - give me the link
                   - For those without a blog, just refer one person to this giveaway - give me their name when 
                      they've entered.
3) You have the option of commenting on any other post that I've written for 1 extra entry, just let me know which one in a comment to this post.

Total possible entries: 5


The giveaway ends on October 28th at midnight. Drawing will be on October 30th.

The winner will have 2 days to contact me back to claim the prize.
I will ship the package within the week following the closing of the giveaway and it will vary depending on when I am able to go across the border to ship from the US if the winner is not from Canada. I might have to ship it the slowest way without tracking depending on price, I will see.
Products are all new and unused. The nail polish was bought with my own money while the Neutrogena products are extras gotten from the factory where they make these. They are the same product as sold in stores.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Sweet Delight Divalicious Samples Impressions

I've been trying my Sweet Delight Divalicious box samples lately and thought I would give you guys some impressions of some of the products I have been trying. The products that have a star beside them are ones I really recommend you try it out as well and the name is linked to their site.

**********Simply Natural, 4 products

I am LOVING these products and will try to make a more detailed post about it when I finish my whole samples. The cleansing milk is unbelievably gentle. A normal makeup face for me is BB cream with some lipstick so I normally don't feel the need for intense cleansing so this is PERFECT. The rich cream is also just perfect for my combination-dry skin and smells nice. A bit sweet but also a bit foresty somehow; weird but I love it. It's a bit like the Cyberderm PM anti-age for me but less intense in smell. It absorbs perfectly into my skin. The Mycellium cream is a lot like the rich cream but a bit lighter, smells a bit more intense which is a bit much for me but the way it absorbs makes me like using it. I still need to try the toner.

*********Bee's Knees buttercream frosting shimmer stick

I LOVE this. It leaves a nice but delicate shimmer on my lips and smells so YUMMY. It's perfectly creamy and feels amazing on the lips. I loved the effect of it over my fading Revlon lip balm stain or any fading lip product and this has been the balm I put on while I'm working at my desk towards the middle of the day because I'm not a lipstick re-applier. I really recommend you encourage this brand of handcrafted products and try this or something else out which I'm planning on doing sometime.

little soap (I will edit later with the brand name, I forget...)

Smelled really great but in the shower it just didn't do anything special and it didn't smell strong enough to give me aromatic pleasure. It was ordinary.

Feminine Charms body butter

This stuff is so freakin thick! I used way too much the first time because I didn't know how concentrated and thick it was and I had a second where I literally wondered if I was supposed to be putting this on my skin. It was so gross and sticky and greasy. I thought maybe I'd mixed up body cream with crisco. I tried it a second time putting much less and found it was much better but so much rubbing to warm it up enough and still did not feel awesome for me. Smelled good, but overall I really disliked my experience and I don't want to try again.

Amadeya body butter

My experience with this was better than with the FC one I wrote about above, but I just didn't love it. It smelled a lot like the It's a Slice shower gel by Cake, like orange and vanilla dessert, but honestly, it didn't smell *as* good as the Cake one and the cream felt too thick and heavy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

CC Creams

Move over BB creams, CC creams are coming?!

I JUST learned the wonder that is the BB cream and the beauty world brings me this?! Oh no! I must try this new trend NOW

CC creams are BB creams to the next level, like their name implies. From what I read, they are closer to the original concept of BB creams than current BB creams in that they focus on the skin benefits first and then on the makeup part of it. 

It seems that there is a lot of variation on the makeup part (aka coverage) of CC creams that are out. Some cover more than the average BB cream and some cover less like the drug store option that came out by Olay, but the key part of these CC creams is that they should improve the skin itself, not only the appearance of the skin. 

I also read that they are not as thick as BB creams normally are and so blend and spread more easily and evenly. I need to try these SO MUCH right now!! I really want to try the Rachel K CC cream a whole lot and I will probably have to find a way to get it even if I know I have enough BB cream to last me a couple years. I was really planning on using up my BB creams to the end but I really can't pass by the CC creams so BB's will have to move over a little while at least.

Who has tried CC creams? Which one and how was it? If you haven't, what do you think of the idea? 

You can CLICK HERE to go to one link I read about CC creams that I found good, useful and seemed up to date. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Past Glossybox Communications + my Decision

OK, Glossybox is dramatically increasing their subscription prices starting in October (or November for previously subscribed Glossies) as I wrote yesterday. I was on-board with giving them a chance to prove that the service was worth 40% extra before making a decision on whether or not I would keep my sub but I have just UNSUBSCRIBED officially. 

I would invite you to read THIS POST (CLICK) by Ellesy of Petite Pear Style to read her communications with Glossybox about the price increase. 

You will notice: 

  • They are increasing to 21$ to have what they call "North America-wide pricing" but write that they are a "separate entity" and we're not going to get the same samples so this confirms that the whole NA-wide pricing thing is bogus. 
  • They do not answer the questions clearly and try to give trick-ish politician-like responses instead of direct, honest, complete answers. 

Read the comment by "robin anderson" on that post to see what pushed me to make the decision to cancel. She really just brought to the surface everything that I was kind of thinking and feeling about them and added it all together.

I had a little issue with them that I put behind me after it happened because of the way it was resolved but now that I see that this has happened with other customers for all sorts of other reasons, I wanted to share. It's a small thing but the way it was handled really put me in a bad mood as you will soon see if you feel the need to read on. Basically, them treating their customers like gullable idiots is making me unsubscribe and in August I felt I was treated like that (I also make reference to another situation where we were treated like idiots). 


Candice wrote:


I received my Glossybox today and I'm pretty pleased with it so thank you for that. The only thing is that on my product card, it says that I should have a full sized (50ml) John Frieda Firss-Ease Xtra Strength Serum worth 14.99$ but what I have is a 24ml sample.

Is the error on my product card or in my box? This difference would add over 7$ of worth to mybox. To see what I got, here is the link to my blog post and I have a picture of it:

AUG 07, 2012  |  08:41AM EDT
name replied:

Hi Candice, the product card in the GlossyBox states the sizes that can be purchased at store level, and not the size that is in the GlossyBox.

Customer Relationship Manager

AUG 08, 2012  |  05:51PM EDT 
Candice replied:

I really don't appreciate this response AT ALL. When your card writes "FULL
SIZE!" beside the description of products, it's to indicate that this is a
full sized item in our box and not a sample. It was written beside the Zoya
polish, the Dove body wash and the Frizz-Ease product but not the others
(which came in sample sizes). Last month, it was written beside the 4
full-sized products (cleanser, razor, flipstick and hairspray) and not the
two products that came in sample size.

I'm giving you another chance to tell me if the product card had an error
in it or if my box did before I unsubscribe for this trick-response
attempting to make me seem like I don't know how to read a product card.

This is the second strike after I saw a response on the
Facebook page blaming the lateness of the June box because of Canada Day
which was really insulting towards customers who know that Canada Day is on
JULY 1st and so would not affect a box that was supposed to be there BEFORE
this date!

Thank you for an HONEST response that does not take me for a freakin fool!

AUG 09, 2012  |  05:28PM EDT 
name replied:

Hello Again Candice,

I have just heard back from our marketing team (after asking them to look at it all over again) and as it turns out this was a editing error on the card. Also, sorry for the response previously which was short sighted, I have been eagerly explaining to other customers that the size and price that is stated on the card is the size and price that is in-store.

I hope that this response has not "taken you for a . ."

Customer Relationship Manager

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glossybox Canada Price Increase to 21$

I just got an email that Glossybox Canada was going to be increasing their prices from 15$ per month to 21$ per month to what they call "North America-wide pricing". The USA has been paying 21$ per month for their subscription and have been getting quite different boxes from our's. I'm thinking we will be getting the same stuff as they are from October on but I'm not sure.

People who are already subscribed Glossies will be getting October, the first month at 21$, for their regular 15$ before the price increase comes into effect.

I'm not happy about the increase. I don't think anyone can be happy with a 6$/month increase, though some are taking it better than others. I'm taking it pretty well. I'm excited to see what kind of box we get in October and I'm also taking it well because if it's not completely awesome, I will just unsubscribe and have one less box. I kind of wish they made it 21$/ 2 months. I think that paying 10.50$/month average is decent but to pay 21$ every month will start to feel heavy on the bank account and also it will become too many products someday soon!

The other thing that makes me a little bit unhappy is that as older clients, we aren't getting any sort of deal except the first month at 15$. Luxe box gave their older clients their new 26$ boxes for their old price of 12$ (so they saved 14$ on that first one) and Glymm grand-fathered their 10$ price for old subbers making them save 2$ each month over new subbers. We get a one-time 7$ break which is the very least they could have done. I really think they should have offered the new boxes for 19$ for old subbers. It's easier for us to take if it's under 20$ and it's also a reason to not unsub so we don't lose the special pricing. Oh well, their loss for making it so easy for everyone to unsub!!

How are you feeling about the increase? 

Are you unsubbing or giving them a chance to prove themselves with this new pricing? 

What do you think of the USA box reviews you might have seen around the blogosphere? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

WANTS - Beauty Blender

Thank you for commenting Meg from Beauty Box Canada because I had seen this product on a couple blogs and didn't really make the link between the patting motion of applying a BB cream and the way this product applies foundation. I had never seen it in use really.

Anyway, this is at the top of my "wants" list right now and I might just get it for my birthday. :D Hopefully I will find a cheaper alternative but so far it really seems like this one is superior to the others so I might just wanna go for the best.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Past Beauty Box Products I NEED to Mention

Here are three products, one from each subscription box I've gotten that has really stood out and that I find worth a positive mention. 

Funny that I didn't really intend on choosing one per box and I didn't intend on choosing them from boxes that I got at the end of July, beginning of August, but that's what it ended up coming together! 


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra-Strength Serum (click HERE for July Glossybox post)
I have been using this on my daughter since I got the sample back in July's box (so basically, got it in August, 2 months ago) and I still have a little bit left of what was about half a full size product. A little goes a long way and it has really changed my daughter's hair into less frizzy, easier to de-tangle, more beautiful curly-wavy hair! I love the stuff and I will absolutely purchase this product for her! At this point, I wouldn't want to be without.


Cyberderm creams, you know, the ones in the oral syringes (click HERE for July Glymm post)
I really loved these creams like crazy and had an affair with them for 10 days before returning to my regular face cream. A lot of people were iffy on the packaging and a lot of people didn't like the smell of the anti-aging one and a lot of people liked but didn't go nuts for the other cream but I just loved it all. It was perfect for my skin, 0.5ml did my whole face so a little goes a long way and I liked the smell of them both. The packaging was great even if it was a bit creative because it allowed me to know exactly how much I used. Sadly, I did not and probably won't purchase, just because it didn't out-do the cream I already love. It was a fun 10 days.


Acetone-free nail polish remover by Julep (click HERE for August Julep post)
I was not at all excited about this product when I got it because I don't really care what removes my polish as long as it does the job BUT after using it a few times, I found that 1) this one-handed bottle design is awesome and so convenient, 2) it actually removes it better and 3) it smells almost good during removal and after removal when the more stinky ingredients have evaporated, my hands actually do smell good. So I'm really loving this and since I don't paint my nails all that often and when I do I try to keep it a while, it will last me a long time, especially considering I have a back-up from my products mystery box. 

What do you guys think of these products? Anyone else feel the same way about these three? 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

WANTS - BB cream patting machine thing

Found here:

I don't know how to pat in BB cream... I can't seem to figure it out - maybe my hands aren't fast enough. This product is probably made for someone like me! I wish I knew the difference in the look of my face with a properly patted in BB cream vs my usual rubbing with fingers application because I might consider buying this if I knew it made a difference for me.

Until then, I won't splurge, but it seems pretty cool!! What do you think??

Julep October box!

*Worthy edit at the end for potential new Mavens
Right: Eloise. Left: Sabrina over Eloise
I can't seem to find daylight to take my own decent pictures lately, sorry!

What a great surprise to find that between the 24th and 27th, someone signed up using my referral link and they sent me a free box without me really knowing! I don't know what happens if the person unsubs before 30 days... anywho, for now, I have a free Julep box.

Crackle is completely new to me (yeah, I heard it was "so 2010" on other blogs but for me it is special magic) so I was excited! This box was awesome was packaged with a black paper bag in orange crinkle paper and containing:

  • Eloise, described as a smokey indigo blue creme
  • Sabrina, described as a zesty orange shimmer crackle. 
  • Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops
  • *extra* 2 pots of glitter
  • *extra* corn candies
I tried the crackle and it works! I guess that's not surprising to anyone but I'm a crackle newbie and I thought it was really cool. It didn't work on a bare nail though.

Nail polish isn't really my thing so I simply can't buy all of the Julep boxes, it would be too much of a budget hog for the worth of these items for me personally since mostly they would just sit there, but I do love Julep. They have a really great program since it allows to pick a profile, allows to skip, has a great referral program and they are so attentive. Like their attention to Canada in the July box, this box being a bit Halloween themed, the extra goodies they include and something most recently that impressed me was how they listen to their customers. Right away when they got negative feedback about this month's choices all having crackle in them, they made a separate choice box to offer that had no crackle polishes. I also heard about a problem with brushes in the past that they dealt with nicely. Not only sending them when customers complained but since it seemed to be a whole batch of weird brushes, they sent one out to everyone (at least that's what I believe I heard, I was not a customer at the time). 

To conclude, I'm still loving Julep, highly recommend trying out the service especially given that they still have the 1 cent promotion going on. You can click on the Julep picture to the right here and this will bring you to their website through my referral. Big thanks if you do because you will get me halfway to another free box :) 

Just saw online that there's a new promotion, probably more temporary than the regular 1 cent promotion that would get a new Maven 5 polishes for 1 cent! Don't know if it's still working and don't know if it includes a product like the regular 1 cent box would but the code is: MAVENNOW if you want to try! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gift for my Mom

It's so hard to buy a decent gift for my mom. It's possible that I've never gotten her a gift she really likes - ever... I'm not exactly sure. But let's just say that every birthday and Christmas is an occasion to get her something that I feel confident she won't be that happy about. AND I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING. This Christmas maybe I should try NOTHING. ;)

For her birthday this weekend, I got her: 

Clinique Chubby Stick in strawberry something
Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara in very black

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in light/medium

She doesn't wear that much makeup but she seems to like a little gloss or balm on a day to day basis and she regularl wears mascara, though not everyday. She doesn't wear foundation except for special occasions so I thought the Maybelline cream would be the perfect product to add to her small stash that wouldn't really change her routine much but would let her have a nicer complexion on a day to day basis.

She didn't make any very negative comments and she did try the products probably to make me feel like she appreciated it but I didn't get the feeling she really liked what she got. I hope she didn't take it the wrong way.... A couple years ago I got her a day cream and night cream and of course it was anti-aging, she's over 50! But she was really offended and took it as an insult equivalent to telling her she's looking old. I hope she didn't see makeup as a way of saying she looks like crap.

What do you guys get your moms for their birthdays? Do they normally like it? 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box!!!

On Tuesday I bought one of the available seasonal Sweet Delight Divalicious boxes which sold in 57 minutes according to their website (CLICK to visit).

I ordered it on Tuesday, got the mailing notification on Wednesday and got it on Friday (though I picked it up Saturday... was in no rush, I thought it was something for my husband, oops!)

This sample box really impressed me! It contains samples from 20 different companies!!!! Some companies sent more than one sample and there were some full sized products included. It cost me 26$ including shipping which, according to the package, cost them 11$ so it's an amazing deal to get all this stuff and discover a lot of small homey companies. The box contains samples of all kinds from bath to body care to facial care to makeup to jewelry. There are many products that I cannot wait to try. I'm super excited but I have a certain level of anxiety about how I will manage to use them all and how to get the best experience from each sample.

Here's what I got:

Nice girly-looking packaging upon opening the box.

Sorry for the sideways, these are the three more well known brands. Revlon nails, Nisim cream and 3 John Frieda sample packets:

This is the body stuff in the picture underneath. The 5 packets on the bottom right are from SPAressource, 4-7ml each so very small samples but good to at least get an idea of a few of their products (this should've been in the picture with the more well-known brands). The 4 little bottles on the top right are from Simply Natural and I'm really looking forward to trying these. Other than that it's a scrub pot, a body butter pot, hair and body moisturizer packet, eye cream, scented soap and a body butter packet.

Another sideways picture, sorry! There's a lipstick, a solid perfume (looks like a lighter), a small packet of eye shadow (how to use it in this format? it seems pretty useless), a lip shimmer, a necklace, a ring and a cell phone charm.


Since there was so much I got in this bag, I thought I'd say a little something about the products that initially stood out to me and that I'm most looking forward to.

The full-size Nisim International product was full size. To be applied a certain number of times after hair removal and claims to reduce hair growth by 10% per cycle and that the 90% that grows back grows back thinner and lighter (so really it appears more than 10% reduced).

Simply Natural sent four different samples from their holistic skin care products and I love the idea of a product being simple, natural and containing great, effective ingredients. I got a cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream. The products I got seem to be either for all skin types of dry skin types and a couple have anti-aging so they are with the right person since that's what I'm looking for!

Vivid Jewelry Design and I Candy Crystals sent neat jewelry that I like and find style. A necklace and ring respectively. Vivid Jewelry Design sent their necklace in a little bag which was a nice touch.

Ola sent a generous sample of cane sugar scrub which also has organic vanilla and ginger in it. I'm interested in scrubs since I haven't found one I really like a whole lot yet. I find the pot they sent the product in very professional and I'm looking forward to this.

Feminine Charms sent a nice sample of yummy body butter and they had a nice touch with a little ribbon on the bag that contained the pot of body butter. When I saw the card I thought I got mixed up since I got a cell phone charm but they don't make charms, they just have charm! :)