Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB REVIEW

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB, 30ml, mine is in Light/Medium Sheer Tint
I've written about this product before and I need to mention my previous post because I feel like a hypocrite for buying and using this product. I really hate deception and I feel that marketing this as a BB cream was not fully honest, and the 8-in-1 claim is just ridiculous. SEE the POST if you want to read it. The 8 benefits are slightly different on my tube. They are:

  • With SPF 30 helps prevent sunburn
  • Helps blur the look of imperfections
  • Creates a natural looking glow
  • Skin looks visibly smoother
  • Compliments skin-tone
  • Hydrates all day
  • Feels fresh
  • Oil free

I hate the idea of someone going into the store and seeing this and thinking "Wow, a BB cream, only 10$. I've heard a lot about these miracle creams and I think I will try it, it has 8 benefits, awesome!" Maybe it's because I've been seeing it so much online and reading that it's quite a good tinted moisturizer that I forgot about the claims. I saw it and it was about 7.50$ and I bought it, thinking it would be nice to try a tinted moisturizer that people seem to appreciate.

Onto the review

Now that that's said, onto the review of this product *AS A TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH SPF*. And take note that I don't really have experience with tinted moisturizers and only very limited experience with foundation and BB creams.

I liked it quite a bit. It's so easy to put on and smooth on like a moisturizer is. It's lightly moisturizing which is perfect for a day out. It is NOT heavy coverage at all but does even out skin tone which for me is satisfactory for a day when I don't really feel like having much on my skin. It feels the same on my skin as my light moisturizer that I would use without makeup. That the only difference between this and a light day moisturizer is that this one has the added benefit of SPF AND making improving the appearance of my skin so I do consider this product a winner for that reason.

Comparing with Marcelle BB cream

The Marcelle BB cream also replaces my day moisturizer like this product does but it's harder to apply uniformly and blend in (though not unpleasantly so). I consider the Maybelline an alternative to the Marcelle for people who don't need or want much coverage and who have days when they want to just slap on something quick-quick, maybe without adequate lighting, etc. and it has the added benefit of having SPF which the Marcelle BB I'm talking about doesn't have.

Just to compare it to my Marcelle BB cream in terms of price, *per use* I imagine the cost to be similar because it takes more product than it does with the BB cream.

Price comparison:
Marcelle = approx 44-51 cents per ml (20-23$ per tube)
Maybelline = approx 25-33 cents per ml (7.5 to 10$ per tube)
but takes about 1.5x the amount of product for a face from what I can notice

I'm not very good about ingredients and all that just yet but from what I can understand from the packaging, the Marcelle BB should have something in it that helps skin regeneration and therefore is anti-aging. Anyone know what it is?

Would I repurchase?

That's a big question (that I ask myself, lol). I feel like I'm a little bit "over" the deception problem after reading about what the product really does and trying it. I will see how long it lasts because it is quite a small tube (30ml)  but overall, I do find myself gravitating towards this product for sheer ease of use and and if a person is clear about this being A TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH SPF, then I really do recommend it.


  1. Anti-aging ingredients in Marcelle BB Cream would be your Tocopheryl Acetate which is a vitamin E derivative and Hyaluronic Acid which has yet to be proven to be an anti-aging ingredient...