Thursday, September 13, 2012

L'Oreal (Facebook) and are on my ass!!

I'm being spammed by L'Oreal on Facebook and I'm being stalked by Amazon.

L'Oreal came up in my news feed some days ago asking us to like their page and fill in something for a sample of their new BB cream. I did that. Two days later, I got about 5 different sponsored posts in my news feed telling us to fill in the thing for a sample of their BB cream. Well, it was even worse than that because they made it seem like a giveaway which is misleading since they're giving away samples to get us to eventually BUY it, not having any sort of contest. So I was sick of seeing them and I wrote on their wall and then unliked their page. EVERY DAY after that, EVERY TIME I went on Facebook, I saw on my phone a sponsored ad asking me to like their page, saying that some other friend of mine had liked their page.

I hate how greedy Facebook has become. Weren't they making a decent amount of money with their previous set up for ads?! Now they need to publicize everything other friends like that might interest us as well and spam us with this?! I am really not liking their new sponsored ads and how little privacy we have anymore. ANYTHING we do can wind up in a friend's news feed.

Think of it like this:

- Let's say I went out in another city away from home where I don't know anyone wearing clothing that is a lot more revealing than what I would be comfortable with in my home city. I'm out in public with this revealing outfit but I have a level of comfort knowing that I'm *likely* not being seen by my friends and family and that I'm just out having a good time.

This is the way Facebook used to be. We could go on different pages and groups and write things we wanted like opinions we know our family and friends are not aware of or that they might disagree with or that would embarrass us with close to no possibility that our friends and family with different interests would find it, even if our posts were public.

- Think of this person going out in another city in her revealing clothing being secretly recorded and this recording being sent back semi-randomly to friends and family (and acquaintances) at home without her being able to know what was sent, to who and whether or not they saw it.

This is Facebook now. We have to be careful of what we do on Facebook on any public page or group. Anything we write or share on any public page or group can be reported back to our Facebook friends. I think of this any time I write something on Facebook groups and pages and you should too.

And is bugging me too. They keep sending me emails of products I've featured in my "wants" posts being sold on Amazon. They are full-on stalking the things that I want and like. They're not doing it semi-secretly like other places where ads pop up based on my searches, they are flat-out messaging me with offers!!! Anyway, this is internet now. We need to be careful...


  1. oh God this sounds scary.Hope they get off your back soon.yes facebook is sooo greeedy.

    Candice plz do me a favor,can you tell me good cosmetic stores(online or otherwise) in canada .My friend(who is new there) is always at a loss as to where to buy cosmetics from.she says everything is priced at more then 10 $ which is pricey if you are talkin about a lip pencil etc.

    do tell if any trusted website has Cash on delievery option.

  2. I don't know that much about websites and all that yet but in real the best thing I can suggest for a good quality-price ratio is to buy drugstore brands from Walmart. They're normally 10-20% cheaper there than the drugstore. Really good deals are harder to come by here than the USA because we have less promotions and higher shipping costs and taxes. Still, I saw a good deal on Revlon lip products. Anything from the Super Lustrous line was for 3.99$ at my local drug store this week. Usually though the price "on sale" from the drug store is the same as Walmart regular price...