Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Impressions

I will start by saying that I do not own a single bottle of perfume. I also have a poor sense of smell that comes and goes and it depends what I'm smelling. So I'm definitely not the type of person who will "get" all the notes of a perfume and I'm not someone who is experienced in perfumes. I do have a very like it or hate it (not love, I don't love any perfumes which is why I don't own any) way with perfumes.

To continue, I smelled Lady Gaga's new perfume Fame at the store, I was too curious. After hearing about the hype: A black fluid, made with Gaga's blood and semen... I imagined something spicy and strange but it's not. It's surprising how fruity and sweet it smelled... They really went mainstream with the fragrance. I keep thinking of raspberries when I smell it but it's also super sexy.

This is one of the very few perfumes that I've smelled that I kept the paper for and that I keep smelling here at home. I really really like it a lot and I will absolutely have to try it on myself very soon.

The more I smell it, the more I think about it and I think I understand the concept a little more. Fame (not the perfume, actual fame) is sweet and sexy, but it's also dark and dangerous. The bottle, the black perfume and the overall image of this perfume with the ads and stuff is very dark but the perfume contained is sweet and sexy. The opposite of actual fame since we're lured to this perfume by the darkness and we then discover the sweetness.

Anyway... My extremely limited experience recommends you smell it in store! :)

Has anyone tried it? What did you think? Any perfumes you can recommend I try in store (no need to be similar to this, I normally don't like fruity anyway). Thanks!


  1. I find Lady Gaga so repulsive that I chose to ignore her perfume. Though the bottle looks good, I must admit!

    1. I really respect her mostly for her promotion of being who we are and her work against bullying. She's really something weird though.

  2. I think it smells amazing and love it! Can't wait to own it!

  3. great review esp the analysis of the perfume.sweet sexy dark dangerous

  4. Haven't smelled/tried this perfume, but would be interested to.

    Personally I like slightly spicy perfumes, and flowery/vanilla-y ones.

    My two all-time favourites are Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Burberry Brit (by Burberry :P). Burberry Brit for men are also my all-time favourite perfume for men, it is SO delicious.