Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Julep Product Lover Mystery Box (September 2012)

I just got my Julep Mystery box in the mail today from Seattle to Quebec, Canada. It took 6 business days which has been typical with Julep for me and I'm happy with that.

I'm not a huge polish lover so I feel like I'm all set with what I've gotten from Julep so far. I've been liking the products they include in their boxes (I have tried the pedi creme, the lip vernis, the acetone-free nail polish remover and the lip balm) so when a products box came out, I had to get it.

Here's what I got from Julep this month:

  • The Best Pedi Prep Ever AND foot file (sold together for 20$ on Julep website
  • Essential cuticle oil (18$)
  • Acetone-free nail polish remover (14$)
  • Lip balm (6$)
  • Reusable bag (Julep seems to be assigning 5$ to this bag)
TOTAL (excluding bag because, come on): 58$

They are NOT meeting their 60$ minimum promised worth unless I add the amount for the bag... It's disappointing. The other boxes that I saw were also not meeting the minimum 60$ promised worth with different products than this... 

I already have the nail polish remover from last month so it's completely full still so this is not too fun to get (I do like it though)... I also have the lip balm but I love it so I will stash this away for later use. I feel that cuticle oil is always useful and I will possibly pass on the pedi prep and nail file to my mom. :) 


  1. Fun! I think I have to do an exchange with a friend to fill my beauty box void.

  2. This is why I don't buy mystery boxes anymore. I think the best time to get one is when you just subscribe to the program or else you'll definitely run into products and colours you already have. Anyways, thanks for sharing!


  3. everyone raves about Julep polishes, how is the quality??

    1. I don't have enough experience with nail polish to know really... It goes on opaque with one coat, max 2 which is nice but I always get insane chipping within 24h. I might not be doing it right and I'm also very rough with my nails when cleaning and all that daily so that doesn't help!

  4. really that sucks I got a lot in mine
    I got every thing you did
    Plus got 2 polishes
    a full size spf 30 hand and face cream
    a small hand scrub
    full size hand brightener
    and a lengthening mascara

    I bought both boxes and I thought the polish box was same as their normal boxes not mystery there
    there were 3 polishes in it
    so I was really leased with product box and sorta felt cheated with polish box