Saturday, September 1, 2012

I made an order on


I ordered from Cosmetic Love after recommendation from Jayne at Cosmetic Proof in THIS POST. Also see THIS POST for a review of the Skinfood Good Afternoon BB Cream she got.

I got that same cream, plus the Aloe Sun one also by Skinfood and Precious Minerals BB Cream by Etude House. I also got the same cute hand cream Jayne got but in Panda and 2 samples of BB creams by Skin79. So many BB creams to try. REAL ones from Korea! I'm beyond excited to receive this stuff in about 2 weeks. Expect a post when I get the stuff and some reviews after I try the stuff out :D

I have been looking so much online trying to make the perfect choice because I know the Asian creams have a feature that doesn't really interest me and that's the greyish tint we can get because of the whitening aspect but really, there are so many different Asian BB creams, a lot of different ones within the same brand which have subtle differences and so many different people with different skin needs and wants. I really just gave up and went with some that I'd seen being recommended overall as being good products which may or may not suit me in the end. But experimenting is part of the fun so I'm just excited (as I've said)!

CAN'T WAIT! Who else has ordered from there and what was your experience? Who has checked it out and is considering putting an order through and what are you thinking of buying?


  1. oooh! can't wait to see your order!

  2. cool! i'm excited to see your post when you get it. i was so close to ordering something but had to save money for my trip!
    now that i'm back though, i just might indulge myself :)