Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm sure I'm not the only one with a husband/boyfriend/significant other who doesn't quite understand the whole "beauty thing". My husband is in no position to judge since it's my time and money and does not affect him. And he has his own hobby that I don't understand. BUT, he still demonstrates that he doesn't really like it...

If any of you saw my post a little bit back showing my makeup stash, you'd have notice how simple my makeup and therefore makeup costs were at the time. Practically all my stuff was over 5 years old except for my mineral powder which was new and also most expensive (about 45$) and that powder was my mother's day gift at the time.

NOW... Well, since then there's been a bit of an explosion in my makeup stash and even my skincare and my husband has mentioned being a bit mad at seeing multiples of products that do the same thing. I tried showing him that they actually don't do the exact same thing but he didn't really get it.

For example:

  • Mabelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
  • Marcelle BB Cream
  • Mabelline foundation

For him, these are the same products, no need for two of them. Or:

  • Revlon lip butter tutti fruitti
  • Revlon lip butter sweet tart
  • Revlon super lustrous gloss in nude
For him, two of these are also unnecessary. COME ON! 

He wouldn't be happy to know that I have another 3 or so lipsticks and 2 or 3 glosses than these. And that I just ordered some Asian BB creams, like 3 of them. LOL

I do think I need to keep it under control because I don't want to have a gazillion products that I won't use. That really would be a waste, but so far I started with so close to nothing of course I needed to catch up! 


  1. My fiance proposed knowing of my "sickness" so as long as its not his money I'm spending, he'd better be fine with it!

  2. I'm in the same boat. I had next to nothing and now my husband's like'why are you into all this makeup stuff?' I enjoy it! I should ask him, 'why are you into all this fishing stuff?!'
    I know what you mean about keeping it under control. The glymm samples were pretty easy to use up *eye roll*

    1. Glymm was maybe doing us a favour. The less unused samples our husbands see, the better, right! lol

  3. OMG I soooo totally agree with you.
    Husbands do have a problem with healthy growth in our makeup stash even if it is OUR time and money that we are spending.Mine sometimes uses the excuse that experimentation is not good when your skin is involved.As if I don't see right through it.huff.
    I don't know why he gets irritated with my blog at times.May be because he hates the time I spend on it.
    nice post.Really touched my heart hehehe.we have the same problem.I guess husbands are the same no matter which culture they belong to.sorry for the foot long comment but I really understand your point of view.good job

    1. They'll say anything, won't they? I'm sure there are similarities throughout the cultures but in case you didn't know my husband is Egyptian. I know you're Paskistani, is your husband Pakistani too? Anyway, it's not the same culture still, but it's a bit closer than if you thought my husband was Canadian like I am!

    2. oh that is nice.your life must be a blend of Egyptian and Canadian culture.Nope, Pakistan and Egypt are different culture wise.but husbands all over the world are same, i guess.LOL