Friday, September 14, 2012

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit IMPRESSIONS (photo heavy w/ fotd and feat. Glossybox lipstick)

I've only worn this BB cream TWICE and it is my first experience with a Korean BB cream  so it truly is nothing but my impressions. I plan on wearing this one for about 5 days to a week and then trying the other two that I bought to better be able to compare and review them all in a few weeks time. 

Initial thoughts

When I initially put the Etude House Precious Minerals BB cream Bright Fit (wow, long name), I felt like it completely brightened my face up. Doesn't my face look very bright and white in these two pictures below? It lightened up my face quite nicely as well and allowed my face to match my neck for the first time in a while. Shade 2 is the right shade for me but it is lighter than my currently tanned self. It felt nice to see myself in a shade that is closer to my natural colour! I definitely needed blush after applying this because I looked a little ghost-like. I don't know yet about the greyness some Koreans BB creams are said to have.

A little bit goes a long way with this cream and I found it easy to apply and blend in. It's actually thinner in consistency than my Marcelle BB cream which I was not expecting. I have a feeling this isn't as thick as a lot of other Korean BB creams and that it doesn't have as much coverage as a lot of other Korean BB creams. I'll know more about this after trying others. 

This BB cream feels light on the skin.

You can click to see the pictures larger. Note that I'm wearing the Glossybox lipstick which is a nice neutral but pink shade. A nice addition to my lips stash.

Wearing Etude House BB shade 2 (and Glossybox lipstick)
by the window, pretty bright day

Wearing Etude House BB shade 2 (and Glossybox lipstick)
by the window, pretty bright day


The coverage is not heavy, it's maybe medium. It allows some redness to come through and doesn't cover everything. What I can say as well is that this is a very matte BB cream. It really doesn't leave any sort of shine to the face and it makes me understand why someone would want additional products to highlight the face. I also think that oil control seems good from what I've noticed because I really didn't get oily at all. 

More on brightness...

The picture below was taken yesterday and my face does not seem super bright which makes me think the brightness of the day had something to do with my other picture. Still, you can see how matte it is. 

Wearing the Etude House BB, shade 2
by the window, not the brightest day

This picture below is from a previous FOTD post (HERE) and it's only for comparison purposes. I am wearing the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation in light 48. Comparing gives a good idea of how matte the Precious Minerals BB is and also shows that the Light 48 in KVD is darker here than in shade 2 of the BB cream. 

Wearing Kat Von D foundation

Other thoughts

I don't think I have anything to add! I went on WAY too much for an "impressions" post. My gosh, I'm un-shut-uppable!


  1. BB cream suits you better then foundation.I ordered etude house BB cream for myself just today :-).its tube is blue in color,right.hope i got the original.

  2. I'm sure you'll love it. So far I like the two products I tried by Etude House

  3. you were so right i love the bb cream thanx for suggesting

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