Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cosmetic Love HAUL, received straight from Korea!

I was so excited yesterday morning to get home to two packages! One being my Glossybox re-do that I posted about yesterday and the next one being my order containing my BB creams and that adorable hand cream.

I literally ripped open my package with excitement:

Here's what I got. All nicely wrapped in bubble paper were the things I bought and paid for, even the sample packets of the two BB creams and put in the box were some really great samples which you see below that: 

We've got a charcoal pore strip. It'll be interesting to compare this to the Biore ones. There's a mask sheet which I'm super excited about since I've been wanting to try something like this for a bit. I've got two packets of the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit but I have the full size so I'll simply be able to pass these on and last, two packets of Nymph Aura Volumer by Etude House. I'll have to check out what that is.

Now onto my paid for goodies with their box above the product:

I have the Aloe Sun BB Cream by Skinfood, the Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB cream by Skinfood, the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit by Etude House, the Bee Happy hand cream by Etude House and 3 packets of Super+ Bablesh Balm BB Triple Functions by Skin79 and Super+ BB Cream by Skin 79.

That's 5 Korean BB Creams to try! I'm set for A LONG TIME! :D

Impressions of Cosmetic Love

I found my order easy to make online, easy to pay for with my credit card through Paypal even if I don't use Paypal, quickly shipped, well packaged. I got my order 8 business days after processing, 7 business days for me in Canada because of Labour Day. Very very impressive.

One Issue

I'm going to contact them about this but I'm not really upset. When I was creating my order 2 weeks ago, I went to see the Missing U hand creams. There are the Bee ones and the Endangered animals ones. And for some reason on the website, the Bee page had the names of the endangered animals in the drop down menu to choose a cream and the Endangered page had the names of the bees to choose from in their drop down menu. I wanted the Panda and I chose it from the Bee page and I was afraid it might cause a mix up in that it was linked to a bee but it was written "panda" and yes, it was. I didn't get my panda and I got the lady bug (from the bee selection) instead.

I'd written a note in my Paypal message about this but I guess it didn't really help. I definitely liked the panda one more, that's why I chose it, but at least this one is cute too...

I'll post tomorrow hopefully about my impressions of the Precious Mineral BB Cream by Edude House which I have on now and impressions of the hand cream. 



  1. Thank you for following my blog~ ^_^

    Anyway,that such a great haul!I do buy from Cosmetic-love too!I hope they'll add more products and brand in the future~

    1. Good sharing, Glossybox and Memebox are one of the Korea’s greatest beauty ongoing services, box way up about several to six cosmetic goods or biological samples and ship those to subscribers each month. Read more at:

  2. Wha is the site, and how do you know what to order?

      It's in English so you can find your way around. For a newbie too it's not a bad thing that their selection is a lot more limited than a site like Makes it easier to decide on a cream or mask or whatever else. Not intimidating at all and free shipping for any order!

  3. Replies
    1. you can order on ebay also (they have tonnes of korean sellers)

      they also have cosmetic-love on ebay & some of the items are cheaper on there.