Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August Glossybox Part II

You can read HERE to see my initial experience with this month's Glossybox. I had two broken lipsticks so I contacted them with pictures of the broken products to get replacements. The timeline of events:

Sept. 5: Got Glossybox
           : Contacted them about broken products
Sept. 6: Got reply saying they would send a new box
           : I replied just wondering if it would be possible to not get the light pink lipstick because I simply 
             didn't like it and knew it would be useless for me. 
Sept. 7: Got reply saying they ship out the same box
Sept. 10: (after weekend) Got email saying they shipped my replacements
Sept 12: Got replacement box. 

I'm very impressed with how well they handled the situation and how quick it was. They sent out the new box 3 business days after they got my message about the broken products and the shipping was super-fast. 

I'm even MORE impressed that even though they said they'd send out the same box, they actually did not send me the light pink lipstick and instead they sent me the glitter mascara! They really made a nice extra effort to cater to my desires even if they said they'd be sending out the same one. 

So in this re-box, I got version 5 (V.5): 

- Befine sample pack
- Biore towelettes
- Glossybox lipstick
- Layla glitter mascara (the difference was this instead of the other Kryolan lipstick in the Nikki Minak style colour)
- Sebastian Potion 9 Lite
- Elastoplast bandage
- Trend Trunk card, already in my recycling bin

 Layla glitter mascara. It does not have a wand like a regular mascara but rather a stick with small ridges to be able to put a coat of glitter ON the lashes and not around them all.

Glossybox lipstick. Very wearable colour, I can't wait to try.

Befine sample pack. I really like their packaging in the box and the samples are generous at 10ml for most of them.

Sebastian Potion 9 Lite. I don't know what this does... LOL

Biore makeup removing towellettes. A product that is always useful. I'm pretty "set" with these things because I have about 20 Neutrogena ones left and these Biore ones now. 

I don't know when I will need a blister bandage but I will keep this as backup for when I do!

I was pretty impressed with the selection in my box when I got it last week but a lot less excited because of the broken products and I'm so happy to have a chance at being excited for real this time! We've got 2 makeup products, a selection of skincare products (Befine packets), hair product and whatever the towelettes and bandage fall into. ;) 

Thank you Glossybox, I'm very pleased with both the contents of the box and the way the broken product situation was handled. Two thumbs up! 


  1. hooray! i am glad that Glossybox handled the situation so well.
    have you tried the mascara yet?

    1. No, not yet. Probably tonight because honestly I don't really want to go out with glitter on my eyelashes in the middle of the day in the middle of the week! lol Hopefully it's cute and not too "much". My office is very laid back with dress so we have some people wearing jeans and sweatshirts and some people wearing suits and some people wearing very bright clothing, some with lots of makeup, some without, tattoos and piercings and coloured hair. So I *might* be able to wear it for work when I start back in a week and a half if I like the look of the glitter :)

  2. I am glad to hear that GB gave you good customer service- I've seen so many rants and complaints about that on the FB page so maybe they're improving! yay!

  3. ooooh I may try glossy box...any good....
    love the blog now following
    here's my lifestyle blog have a nosy... appreciate comments..

  4. that's awesome! glad it all worked out. :)